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3D Character Creation (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20266 Module
3D Design Principles VA-W200-10241 Module
3D Design Procedures & Practice VA-W200-10242 Module
Acquisitions and Tapeless Workflows VA-P310-20114 Module
Acting for Recorded Media VA-W400-10109 Module
Acting for the Camera VA-W400-20211 Module
Acting Methods 1 VA-W400-10111 Module
Acting Methods 2 VA-W400-10110 Module
Adv Motion & Interactivity 1 - 30584 VA-W200-30115 Module
Adv Motion & Interactivity 2 - 30585 VA-W200-30116 Module
Adv Studies in Design-Interior - 29966 VA-W200-30114 Module
Advanced Application of Image Technique : Industry Practice - 28893 VA-W200-20225 Module
Advanced Audio for Media VA-W370-20001 Module
Advanced Camera & Lighting VA-W400-30125 Module
Advanced Communication 1 - 30587 VA-W200-30118 Module
Advanced Communication 2 - 30588 VA-W200-30119 Module
Advanced Creative Audio VA-P310-30111 Module
Advanced Editing VA-W400-30113 Module
Advanced Illustration 1 - 30589 VA-W200-30120 Module
Advanced Illustration 2 - 30590 VA-W200-30121 Module
Advanced Musicianship Skills VA-W300-20131 Module
Advanced Performance Studies VA-W300-20132 Module
Advanced Photographic Practices - 30895 VA-W640-30000 Module
Advanced Podcasts and Radio Feature Production VA-P310-30105 Module
Advanced Print Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-20001 Module
Advanced Production Practices VA-W615-M0001 Module
Advanced Production Practices & Techniques (MediaCityUK) VA-W600-M0025 Module
Advanced Research Strategies - 29953 VA-W200-30112 Module
Advanced Research Strategies: Photography VA-W640-30001 Module
Advanced Scriptwriting (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-30116 Module
Advanced Studies in Interior Design VA-W250-30001 Module
Advanced Studio & Location Recording VA-W300-20133 Module
Advanced Studio Composition VA-W300-20134 Module
Advanced Studio Composition & Production Techniques VA-W300-M0045 Module
Agile Production Management (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20112 Module
Alternative Media VA-P310-30052 Module
Alternative Ulster VA-Q300-30086 Module
Animation 1 (Introduction) (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-10234 Module
Animation 101 VA-W200-10272 Module
Animation 102 VA-W200-10273 Module
Animation 2 (Production) (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-10235 Module
Animation and Compositing with Sound (MediaCityUK) VA-W300-20066 Module
Animation Context VA-W200-10274 Module
Animation Production (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20267 Module
Applied Composition and Technology VA-W300-10091 Module
Applied Composition Skills VA-W300-M0046 Module
Applied Professional Practice for 3D Design VA-W200-30127 Module
Approaches to Contemporary Performance Foundations VA-W442-M0001 Module
Architectural Technology and Spatial Design - 18033 VA-W200-20124 Module
Areas of Photographic Practice A VA-W640-20000 Module
Areas of Photographic Practice B VA-W640-20001 Module
Audio & Video Signals & Theory VA-P310-10072 Module
Audio for Media VA-W300-20135 Module
Audio Theory and Practice VA-P310-10098 Module
BA2 TV Acting VA-W400-20160 Module
Britain and the Cold War VA-V147-20001 Module
British Cinema (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-20148 Module
British TV Drama:Txts & Contxt (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-30006 Module
British TV Fictions VA-W430-30000 Module
Broadcast Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-M0001 Module
Building Analysis For Interior Architecture VA-W200-20245 Module
Camera and Lighting VA-P311-20001 Module
Case Studies VA-W300-00027 Module
Celebrity Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-20009 Module
Channel M Prductn 2(Reel North (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20072 Module
Channel M Prog Prod 3(Reel Nth (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-30053 Module
Character Animation (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20268 Module
Cinema Asia (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-20141 Module
Civil War and Development VA-L200-20155 Module
Classical Hollywood Cinema (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-10058 Module
Clowning VA-W400-20255 Module
Collaborative Projects VA-W615-M0002 Module
Comedy & British Cinema (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-20142 Module
Comedy Performance & Media VA-W400-20184 Module
Comedy Project VA-W800-30000 Module
Comedy Writing & Performance VA-W400-20186 Module
Comms & Maths for Engineers VA-P310-10103 Module
Communication and Collaboration VA-W200-20315 Module
Communications and Maths Modelling VA-P310-10074 Module
Community Music Theories & Techniques VA-W300-M0047 Module
Community Project (MediaCityUK) VA-P300-M0006 Module
Composition Skills VA-W300-M0049 Module
Composition, Performance & the Musical Text VA-W300-M0048 Module
Compositional Practice VA-W300-20137 Module
Contemporary American Cinema (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-20147 Module
Contemporary American TV (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20149 Module
Contemporary Contexts: Communication - 31970 VA-W210-20001 Module
Contemporary Contexts: Illustration - 31972 VA-W210-20003 Module
Contemporary Contexts: Motion and Interactivity - 31971 VA-W210-20002 Module
Contemporary Debates VA-W100-20055 Module
Contemporary International Relations VA-L200-20153 Module
Contemporary Security VA-L200-20157 Module
Contemporary Theatre Practices VA-W400-20187 Module
Content Creation VA-P310-10104 Module
Content Delivery VA-P310-10105 Module
Court Reporting (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20070 Module
Create and Research for an External Brief - 23399 VA-W200-30079 Module
Creative Artefact Production Planning (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-30124 Module
Creative Audio (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20151 Module
Creative Composition & Arranging VA-W300-20139 Module
Creative Development Project (MediaCityUK) VA-W600-M0028 Module
Creative Development Projects (35888) VA-W615-M0003 Module
Creative Methods VA-W200-00028 Module
Creative Portfolio Development (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-30125 Module
CreativeContexts VA-W900-M0007 Module
Critical and Professional Contexts 1 VA-W210-10023 Module
Critical and Textual Studies VA-W400-10079 Module
Critical Approaches to Film (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-10059 Module
Critical Approaches to Film II VA-W400-10063 Module
Critical Approaches to Radio (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20152 Module
Critical Approaches to TV (MCUK) VA-P310-20153 Module
Critical Journalism Studies (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-20002 Module
Critical Thinking and Writing VA-W300-10075 Module
Critical  Approaches to Film 1 VA-W400-10122 Module
Current Issues in Pragmatics VA-Q310-30018 Module
Descent into Hell VA-Q300-30089 Module
Design & Materials VA-W200-10243 Module
Design and Research for an External Brief - 23398 VA-W200-30078 Module
Design Development VA-W200-20313 Module
Design Development - 23400 VA-W200-30080 Module
Design for Drama Set VA-W461-20002 Module
Design for Location VA-W461-10002 Module
Design for Script VA-W461-10001 Module
Design Fundamntls:Proc VA-W200-10205 Module
Design in Context VA-W200-20308 Module
Design in Practice VA-W200-20317 Module
Design Intervention VA-W200-20309 Module
Design Specialism - 23390 VA-W200-20154 Module
Design Theory Fundamentals (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-10230 Module
Design Thinking VA-W200-20307 Module
Developing Professional Practice for 3D Design VA-W200-20271 Module
Developing Your Practices Investigations VA-W442-M0004 Module
Dialogues in Design:Graphic Design - 28472 VA-W200-20213 Module
Digital Character Art (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20259 Module
Digital Environment Art (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20260 Module
Digital Graphics (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-10231 Module
Digital Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-10001 Module
Digital Narrative Technologies (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20261 Module
Directing and Producing VA-W400-20188 Module
Directions within Graphic Communication - 28527/28532 VA-W200-10203 Module
Directions within Photographic Communication - 30888 VA-W640-10005 Module
Dissertation (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-30006 Module
Dissertation - 28726 VA-W100-30038 Module
Docs Without Rules VA-P310-30113 Module
Documentary to Mockumentary VA-W400-30128 Module
Drama Unlimited VA-P310-30114 Module
Drawing for Animators (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-10236 Module
Editing (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-20179 Module
Engine Programming for Games (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20262 Module
Entertainment Technologies (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-10232 Module
Establishing Frameworks VA-W640-10017 Module
Establishing Professional Practice for 3D Design VA-W200-10244 Module
Ethnomusicology VA-W300-20065 Module
Events VA-P310-30097 Module
Exp Creative Con Design VA-W200-20312 Module
Experience within Professional Contexts VA-W200-20275 Module
Expl Cr Cont:Film & TV Set Des VA-W461-10000 Module
Exploring Creative Contexts Fashion Design VA-W230-10018 Module
Exploring Creative Contexts: 3D Practice VA-W200-10247 Module
Exploring Creative Contexts: Fashion VA-W200-10246 Module
Exploring Creative Contexts: Fashion Image Making & Styling VA-W640-10018 Module
Exploring Creative Contexts: Graphic Design VA-W200-10248 Module
Exploring Creative Contexts: Photography VA-W640-10006 Module
Exploring Graphic Communication - 28525/28530 VA-W200-10201 Module
Exploring Photographic Practice - 30884 VA-W640-10001 Module
Factual Production for Cross-Platform VA-P310-30106 Module
Factual Production for TV VA-P310-20167 Module
Fashion Communication 1 - 28889 VA-W200-10206 Module
Fashion Communication 1 FIMS VA-W640-10019 Module
Fashion Communication 2 - 28892 VA-W200-20224 Module
Fashion Design Capsule Collection - 23394 VA-W200-20158 Module
Fashion Innovation and Direction VA-W200-M0024 Module
Fashion Intervention VA-W200-M0025 Module
Fashion Styling & Image Generation - 28887 VA-W200-10204 Module
Fashion Thinking and Networked Culture VA-W200-M0023 Module
Feature Writing VA-P500-20003 Module
Fiction Video Production (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20124 Module
Film and Theory (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-30090 Module
Film Distribution & Exhibition (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-30091 Module
Film Form (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-10060 Module
Film Histories, Film Movements I (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-10061 Module
Film Histories, Film Movements II VA-W400-10062 Module
Final Project - TV/Radio/Multimedia (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-30088 Module
Form & Content VA-W210-10021 Module
Foundation Musicianship Skills VA-W300-00028 Module
Foundation Performance Studies VA-W300-00029 Module
Foundations of Language I VA-Q310-10011 Module
Foundations of Language II VA-Q310-10012 Module
From Salvation to Damnation: Religion, Sex, and Identity in English Drama, 1500-1630 VA-Q300-20078 Module
Fundamentals of Communication - 28535 VA-W200-20215 Module
Fundamentals of Composition & Technology VA-W300-10092 Module
Fundamentals of Illustration - 28536 VA-W200-20216 Module
Fundamentals of Motion & Interactivity - 29375 VA-W200-20228 Module
Games Design Prototyping (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20264 Module
Gender, Race and Empire VA-Q300-20079 Module
Gender, sexuality and performance VA-W400-30115 Module
Genre and Beyond (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-20145 Module
Global Cinema 1 VA-W631-20001 Module
Global Cinema 2 VA-W631-20002 Module
Global Perspectives On Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-M0001 Module
Global Radio (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20154 Module
Graphic Communication in Context - 28526/28531 VA-W200-10202 Module
Group Interaction in Performance VA-W300-M0053 Module
High Definition in Digital Cinema and Outside Broadcast Production VA-P310-30083 Module
History of Animation (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-10237 Module
Hollywood Masculinities VA-W600-30003 Module
Imagined Communities VA-W640-10013 Module
Independent Research Project VA-W200-30132 Module
Individual Performance VA-W300-M0054 Module
Industry Experience VA-W200-20306 Module
Industry Practice: Design VA-W200-20281 Module
Industry Practice: Image Making and Styling VA-W200-20283 Module
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Design VA-W200-20310 Module
Integrated Production Skills VA-W400-20249 Module
Interactive & Emergent Music Programming Techniques VA-W300-M0055 Module
Interests,Power & Media Policy VA-P500-30002 Module
International Markets and Contexts - Photography VA-W640-20004 Module
International Political Economy VA-L200-30109 Module
International Politics 1 VA-L200-10033 Module
International Politics 2 VA-L200-10035 Module
Interpreting Popular Music VA-W300-10093 Module
Intro to Fashion Techs: FIMS VA-W640-10020 Module
Intro to Performance Practice & Reflection VA-W400-10080 Module
Introduction to Compositing (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-10251 Module
Introduction to Creative Play VA-W200-10262 Module
Introduction to Film Analysis VA-W631-10001 Module
Introduction to Film Making VA-P313-10000 Module
introduction to Film Theory VA-W631-10002 Module
Introduction to Journalism VA-P500-10017 Module
Introduction to Modernism - 26633 VA-W100-10042 Module
Introduction to Multimedia Performance VA-W400-20190 Module
Introduction to Music Technology VA-W300-00030 Module
Introduction to Music Theory VA-W300-00031 Module
Introduction to Research VA-W300-10078 Module
Introduction to Scriptwriting (Fiction) (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-20029 Module
Introduction to Security, Intelligence and Terrorism Studies VA-V271-10000 Module
Introduction to Systems Design (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20068 Module
Introduction to the 'Making of' VA-W200-10275 Module
Introduction to the Creative Industries VA-W200-00029 Module
Introduction to the History of Ideas - 27394 VA-W100-10043 Module
Journalism and Public Relations VA-P500-30003 Module
Journalism Pract Global Newsroom (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-M0003 Module
Journalism Practice VA-P500-30004 Module
Journalism Studies (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-10007 Module
Key Concepts - Styling, Casting, Shooting, Blogging VA-W200-10260 Module
Key Contexts VA-W442-M0002 Module
Language Acquisition VA-Q310-20010 Module
Language and Communication VA-Q310-30019 Module
Language in Society VA-Q310-20011 Module
Language Systems and Skills VA-X162-M0029 Module
Law & Government for Journalists (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-M0016 Module
Law and Ethics (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-10003 Module
Live Project : Fashion Image Making and Styling VA-W640-20021 Module
Magazine Journalism VA-P500-30008 Module
Major Project VA-P310-30044 Module
Major Project (Communication Design) VA-W200-M0016 Module
Major Project: Dissertation VA-W615-M0004 Module
Major Project: Dissertation or Practice as Research (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-M0020 Module
MajorProject (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-M0005 Module
Media Institutions (MCUK) VA-P310-10096 Module
Media Techniques Theory VA-P310-30096 Module
Media Technologies:Evol & Impl VA-P310-10101 Module
Media Texts VA-P300-10024 Module
Media Theory and Practice VA-W615-M0006 Module
Media Workflows to Broadcast and Cinema VA-P310-20115 Module
Methods and Materials A - 26630 VA-W100-10039 Module
Mobile and Internet Television and Communications VA-P310-20116 Module
Mobile and Internet Television Streaming VA-P310-20117 Module
Models of Practice VA-W100-10051 Module
Multi Camera and Post Production VA-P313-10002 Module
Multi-Platform Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-M0017 Module
Multimedia Programming and Electronics VA-P310-10075 Module
Multimedia Programming and Studio Ops Design VA-P310-10076 Module
Music and Society: Antiquity to Enlightenment VA-W300-10099 Module
Music and Society: The Modern Era VA-W300-10100 Module
Music Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-W300-20120 Module
Music Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-20004 Module
Music Theory & Compositional Techniques VA-W300-00032 Module
Musicianship Skills VA-W300-10094 Module
Neg Major Proj: Illus/Comm/Mot - 30586 VA-W200-30117 Module
Negotiated Major Photographic Project VA-W640-30003 Module
Negotiated Major Proj: Fashion Image Making and Styling VA-W640-30007 Module
Negotiated Major Project (Music) VA-W300-30066 Module
Negotiated Major Project - 18062 VA-W100-30036 Module
Negotiated Major Project: Fashion - 23402 VA-W200-30082 Module
NegotiatedThesis VA-W900-M0008 Module
Networked Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-M0002 Module
New Trends in Theatre and Performance VA-W400-30116 Module
News and Ethics (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-M0018 Module
Northern Voices VA-Q310-30020 Module
Online Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-20005 Module
PBT Honours Project: Workstudy VA-P310-30099 Module
PBT Hons Project Pre-Production & Planning VA-P310-30094 Module
Performance Approaches Workshop VA-W400-10081 Module
Performance in Context VA-W400-10082 Module
Performance Practice and Reflection VA-W400-10083 Module
Performance Project VA-W400-20202 Module
Performance Skills VA-W400-10085 Module
Performance Skills Workshop VA-W400-10084 Module
Performance Studies VA-W300-10095 Module
Performance Studies VA-W400-20193 Module
Performance Workshop VA-W400-10113 Module
Performance Workshop VA-W400-10103 Module
Photographic Skills A - 30883 VA-W640-10000 Module
Photographic Skills B - 30887 VA-W640-10004 Module
Physical Theatres VA-W400-20248 Module
Podcasts and Radio Feature Production VA-P312-20000 Module
Political Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-30007 Module
Popular Music and Identity (32183) VA-W300-20144 Module
Popular Music Style and Genre VA-W300-10097 Module
Portfolio Module - 28896 VA-W200-30107 Module
Portfolio Module: Fashion Image Making and Styling VA-W640-30008 Module
Post-colonial African Literatures VA-Q300-30088 Module
Practical Radio Production (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-30032 Module
Practical research project VA-W400-30085 Module
Practical TV Studio Production (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-30095 Module
Practice as Research Project Creation and Production (PaR Project) VA-W442-M0005 Module
PracticeinContext - 32760/1 VA-W900-M0006 Module
Pratice Research Project (MediaCityUK) VA-W600-M0030 Module
Presenting VA-W400-20057 Module
Print & Online Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-10004 Module
Process & Application VA-W210-10022 Module
Processes of Communication - 28539 VA-W200-20219 Module
Processes of Illustration - 28540 VA-W200-20220 Module
Processes of Motion & Interactivity -29377 VA-W200-20230 Module
Production Design VA-P313-10003 Module
Production Management (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20155 Module
Production Skills VA-W400-10114 Module
Production Workshop VA-W400-10115 Module
Prof Contexts 2 (Erasmus) VA-W210-20004 Module
Professional Context 1 Research VA-W100-20056 Module
Professional Context 2 -Development VA-W100-20057 Module
Professional Contexts 1 - 28524/28529 VA-W200-10200 Module
Professional Contexts 2 - 28541 VA-W200-20221 Module
Professional Contexts 3 - 30591 VA-W200-30122 Module
Professional Frameworks 1: Photography - 30885 VA-W640-10002 Module
Professional Frameworks 2: Photography VA-W640-20002 Module
Professional Frameworks: Photography 3 VA-W640-30002 Module
Professional Practice VA-W100-30042 Module
Professional Practice VA-W200-20316 Module
Professional Practice VA-P210-20001 Module
Professional Practice (MediaCityUK) VA-P300-30002 Module
Professional Practice (Performance) VA-W400-20194 Module
Professional Practice for Communication, Illustration & MINT (30586) VA-W200-20231 Module
Professional Practice for Photographic Communication VA-W640-20005 Module
Programme Production VA-W400-30117 Module
Programme Production Technique VA-W400-20254 Module
Project Scope VA-W300-30068 Module
Psychology of Language VA-Q310-10014 Module
Radio Acting VA-W400-30118 Module
Radio Comedy Project VA-W800-20003 Module
Radio Cultures VA-P310-20174 Module
Radio Drama (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20157 Module
Radio Drama Production (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20166 Module
Radio Entrepreneurs VA-P312-30002 Module
Radio Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-20006 Module
Radio News (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-10005 Module
Radio Performance and production VA-W400-20067 Module
Radio Production (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-10078 Module
Radio Studio VA-P310-20158 Module
Rebels, Villains and Discontented Minds VA-Q300-30087 Module
Regional Filmmaking in Britain (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-30093 Module
Renaissance Theatre Acting VA-W400-30119 Module
Reporting Government (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-20007 Module
Research & Pre-Production (MediaCityUK) VA-P300-10005 Module
Researching English Language VA-Q310-10015 Module
ResearchMethods&Practice VA-W900-M0005 Module
Responding Creative Contexts Fashion Image Making & Styling VA-W640-20020 Module
Responding to Creative Contexts (exchange) VA-W200-20286 Module
Responding to Creative Contexts: 3D Practice VA-W200-20287 Module
Responding to creative contexts: Design VA-W200-20314 Module
Responding to Creative Contexts: Fashion VA-W200-20285 Module
Responding to Creative Contexts: Graphic Design VA-W200-20288 Module
Responding to Creative Contexts: Photography VA-W640-20007 Module
Revival and Revolution VA-Q300-20076 Module
Russian foreign policy since 1991 VA-XXX-XXX Module
Scriptwriting (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20173 Module
Scriptwriting for TV and Film (MediaCityUK) VA-W400-30046 Module
Self Directed Major Project (Product) - 23257 VA-W200-30075 Module
Self-Directed Project 3 VA-W200-30051 Module
Sequential Art VA-W600-30001 Module
Shakespeare in Performance VA-W400-20072 Module
Shakespeare in Performance VA-W400-20158 Module
Singing VA-W400-20159 Module
Sonic Cultures (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-30101 Module
Sound Design for Broadcast and Cinema VA-P310-30085 Module
Sounds of English VA-Q310-20012 Module
Specialist Journalism Practice (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-M0004 Module
Specialist Studies in Design - 24417 VA-W200-20181 Module
SpecialistPractice VA-W900-M0004 Module
Sports Journalism (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20052 Module
Sports Reporting (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-M0019 Module
Storytelling on screen VA-P313-10001 Module
Storytelling: Script to Screen VA-W200-10276 Module
Streaming and Edit Workflows for Broadcast and Cinema VA-P310-30086 Module
Street and Studio VA-W640-10014 Module
Structure of English VA-Q310-20013 Module
Studio Composition VA-W300-20146 Module
Studio Operations VA-P310-20170 Module
Studio Operations and Audio Post Production VA-P310-20119 Module
Studio practice 1 - Artist & Audience VA-W100-20058 Module
Studio practice 2 Development VA-W100-20059 Module
Studio Practice 3 Evolution VA-W100-30043 Module
Studio Practice 4 Realisation VA-W100-30044 Module
Studio Practice and Design VA-P310-10102 Module
Studio Recording & Production VA-W300-20147 Module
Studio Research VA-W100-10052 Module
Styl & Image Making:Comp Shoot - 28894 VA-W200-20226 Module
Styl&Image Mak in Prof Context - 28897 VA-W200-30108 Module
Styling and Image Making Specialism - 23391 VA-W200-20155 Module
Systems Integration VA-P310-30087 Module
Techniques in Fashion Photogra - 28895 VA-W200-20227 Module
Technology and Materials in ELT VA-X162-M0030 Module
Technology and Teaching English for Specific Purposes VA-X162-M0031 Module
Television Genres VA-P310-20159 Module
Television News (MediaCityUK) VA-P500-10006 Module
Terrorism & Irregular Conflict VA-L200-20158 Module
Text and Performance VA-W400-20196 Module
The Grammar of Words VA-Q310-30021 Module
The Medieval World VA-Q300-30084 Module
The Test of Evil VA-Q300-20077 Module
Theatre Acting - Reactions to Naturalism VA-W400-20198 Module
Theatre and Communities VA-W400-20251 Module
Theatre Directing VA-W400-30129 Module
Theatre Making VA-W400-20252 Module
Theatre Project VA-W400-30110 Module
Tools Programming for Digital Games (MediaCityUK) VA-W200-20265 Module
Topics in English Language VA-Q310-30022 Module
Transmedia Storyworlds VA-P310-30110 Module
Transmission Systems and Theory VA-P310-20121 Module
Truth and Meaning VA-Q310-20014 Module
TV Acting VA-W400-30121 Module
TV Acting 3 VA-W400-30059 Module
TV Docs and Features (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20160 Module
TV Drama VA-P310-20161 Module
TV Drama Production VA-P310-20169 Module
TV Studio (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20130 Module
TV Studio Unleashed (50240) VA-P310-30115 Module
Understanding Speech VA-Q310-30023 Module
User Centered Design VA-W200-10245 Module
Uses of Research for Industry Pract: Fashion Image Making and Styling VA-W640-10021 Module
Uses of Research: Industry Practice VA-W200-10250 Module
Varieties of English VA-Q310-10013 Module
Video & Electronics: T&P VA-P310-10099 Module
Video Drama Project VA-W400-30126 Module
Video Production (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-10079 Module
Video Project VA-W400-20204 Module
Video Project VA-W400-30111 Module
Visual Analysis (PDP) - 27398 VA-W100-20044 Module
Visual Arts (MediaCityUK) VA-W100-10044 Module
Visual Communication - 28523/28528 VA-W200-10199 Module
Visualisation VA-W200-20311 Module
Voice and text VA-W400-20161 Module
Voice and Text VA-W400-20253 Module
Voice, Text, Body VA-W400-20212 Module
War Reporting (MediaCityUK) VA-P310-20071 Module
Web Design & Internet Tech VA-P310-10100 Module
Web Design and Streaming Media VA-P310-20127 Module
Work Placement VA-W200-20116 Module
Work Placement: Fashion Image Making and Styling VA-W640-20022 Module
Writing and Producing for Radio and TV VA-W810-30000 Module

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