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Name Code Type
Acoustics Laboratory SG-H600-10078 Module
Advanced Databases SG-G430-M0052 Module
Advanced Databases and Data Mining SG-I100-M0005 Module
Advanced Routing&Switching SG-I100-30004 Module
Advanced Television Production SG-H600-20102 Module
Advanced Web Development SG-G600-30002 Module
Aerodynamics M1 SG-H400-M0019 Module
AI and Data Mining SG-G400-20077 Module
Aircraft Propulsion and Performance SG-H400-20057 Module
Airline and Airport Management L2 SG-H400-20059 Module
Airport Infra and Aircraft Maint SG-H400-30090 Module
Analysis SG-G100-10041 Module
Animated Graphics SG-H600-30059 Module
Audio Post Production SG-J930-M0002 Module
Audio Production SG-H600-20077 Module
Audio Systems SG-H600-10079 Module
AudioApplicationProject SG-J930-M0007 Module
Aviation Business Enterprise Year 2 SG-H400-20058 Module
Aviation Business Enterprise Year 3 SG-H400-30081 Module
Business Management SG-I400-30002 Module
Business Practice and Employment Skills SG-I100-30001 Module
Civil Engineer Mathematics 2 SG-H200-20060 Module
Civil Engineering Communication SG-H200-10041 Module
Civil Engineering Construction SG-H200-10039 Module
Civil Engineering Mathematics 1 SG-H200-10043 Module
Computer Science SG-G400-00001 Module
Computer Simulation in Acoustics SG-J930-30026 Module
Computer System Internals and Linux SG-G400-10048 Module
Continuum Mechanics SG-G100-30030 Module
Data Structures and Algorithms SG-G400-20078 Module
Database Systems SG-G400-10045 Module
Databases and Data Mining SG-I100-M0004 Module
Dependable Software Engineering SG-I100-30006 Module
Digital Communication, TV & Radio SG-H600-30067 Module
Digital Signal Processing for Acoustics and Audio SG-J930-30007 Module
Dissertation SG-H300-M0010 Module
Dissertation (School) SG-H100-M0001 Module
DistribTransmissionSyst&Design SG-H840-M0019 Module
Engineering Mathematics E1 SG-H100-10002 Module
Engineering Mathematics S1 SG-H200-10042 Module
Engineering Methodology S0.1 SG-H300-00016 Module
Engineering Methodology S0.2 SG-H300-00017 Module
Environmental Noise Measurement SG-H220-M0003 Module
Experimental and Measurement Methods (GM & PG) SG-H840-M0021 Module
Final Year Project (Part2) E3.2 SG-H300-30045 Module
Final Yr Project (Part2) L3.2 SG-H300-30037 Module
Frontiers of Phys and Entrep Sk SG-F300-10031 Module
Fundamentals Of Natural Gas and Production Systems and Design (GEM 01) SG-H840-M0018 Module
Fundamentals of Physics A SG-F300-10029 Module
Fundamentals of Physics B SG-F300-10030 Module
GasFlow&NetworkAnalysis SG-H840-M0020 Module
Geology SG-H840-M0025 Module
Group Design Project SG-G400-23006 Module
Industrial Studies and Career Management SG-H600-20082 Module
Interactive Visualisation M1 SG-G600-M0002 Module
Introduction to Acoustics SG-H600-10081 Module
Introduction to Television Production SG-H600-10103 Module
Linear Algebra SG-G100-10039 Module
Live Sound Connections SG-H600-10093 Module
Loudspeakers & Perception SG-H341-M0002 Module
Loudspeakers & Microphones SG-H341-M0008 Module
Manufacture and Group Design E3 SG-H300-30097 Module
Mastering SG-H600-30056 Module
Mathematical Methods 1 SG-G100-10036 Module
Mathematical Methods 2 SG-G100-20028 Module
Mathematical Methods 3 SG-G100-30027 Module
Mathematical Methods and Applications SG-F300-20035 Module
Mathematical Modelling SG-G100-10037 Module
Mathematics SG-G100-00013 Module
Mathematics and Computing SG-F300-10026 Module
Maxwell's Equations & Wave Optics SG-F300-30090 Module
Mechanics and Vector Calculus SG-G100-10038 Module
Microphone and Loudspeaker Design SG-J930-20032 Module
Mixed Reality Media & Multi Modal Interfaces SG-G450-M0010 Module
Music Technology Systems SG-H600-10083 Module
Network Programming and Simulation SG-H690-M0090 Module
Network Technologies, Architectures and Design SG-H690-M0085 Module
Noise Control SG-H220-M0004 Module
Numerical Analysis SG-G100-20031 Module
Petroleum Economics and Project Management SG-H840-M0026 Module
Photonics and Nanotechnology SG-F300-30092 Module
Princ and Conc of Network Tech SG-G400-23003 Module
Principles of Acoustics SG-J930-20018 Module
Principles of Acoustics SG-H341-M0007 Module
Principles of Air Navigation and Meteorology for Aviation E1 SG-H400-10036 Module
Principles of Data science SG-G340-M0001 Module
Probability SG-G100-10040 Module
Professional Development and Practices SG-G400-10047 Module
Project SG-H600-30060 Module
Project for CN SG-G400-30060 Module
Project for DTN SG-H690-M0067 Module
Project for MSc SG-G400-M0004 Module
Properties of Matter SG-F300-20038 Module
Pure and Applied Maths and Comp SG-F300-10028 Module
Pure and Applied Maths for Physics SG-F300-10027 Module
Research in Emerging Technologies SG-W600-M0033 Module
Routing and Switching SG-I100-20001 Module
SeismicEngPracticalApplicFE SG-H210-M0015 Module
Server Side Programming SG-H600-20072 Module
Software Evolution SG-I100-20008 Module
Software Projects with Agile Techniques SG-G400-20081 Module
Software Quality Management SG-G400-30073 Module
Speech and Musical Acoustics SG-H341-30034 Module
Statistics SG-G100-20030 Module
Structures E1 SG-H200-10037 Module
Structures E2 SG-H200-20046 Module
Structures E3 SG-H200-30060 Module
Structures S1 SG-H200-10036 Module
Structures S2 SG-H200-20045 Module
Structures S3 SG-H200-30059 Module
System Administration SG-G400-20076 Module
The WAN and Global Networks SG-G400-30066 Module
Transducer Design SG-H341-30041 Module
TransportEng:PrinciplesandMethod SG-H230-M0022 Module
TransportPlan:ForecastandApprais SG-H230-M0026 Module
TransportPlanning:PolicyandPrinc SG-H230-M0023 Module
UtilisationOfNaturalGas SG-H840-M0022 Module
Virtual Reality and 3D Games SG-G400-30074 Module
Water and Wastewater Systems SG-H210-M0018 Module
Web Content Creation SG-H600-10095 Module
Web-BasedSoftwareDevelopment SG-G430-M0055 Module
Wireless and Mobile Telecommunications SG-H690-M0088 Module

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