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Name Code Type
Acad&ProfKnowledgeInBuiltEnv PM-K200-M0024 Module
Advanced Digital Design Technologies PM-K100-M0019 Module
Advanced Valuation PM-K200-30046 Module
Appreciation of Technology PM-K200-10088 Module
BIM Design Studio 1 PM-K200-10115 Module
BIM Design Studio 2 PM-K200-30073 Module
Building Adaptation PM-K230-M0013 Module
Building Information Modelling Theory & Practice PM-K200-M0050 Module
Building Pathology PM-K200-20120 Module
Building Pathology (PG) PM-K230-M0011 Module
Building Services PM-K200-10109 Module
Building Surveying Practice 2 PM-K200-30075 Module
Buildings in Use PM-K200-M0046 Module
Computer Aided Design PM-K200-10117 Module
Conservation of the Historic Env PM-K200-30062 Module
Construction Contracts - Operation and Administration PM-M200-M0003 Module
Construction Economics PM-K200-20090 Module
Construction Law and Dispute Resolution PM-K200-30044 Module
Construction Management Project 1 PM-K200-10119 Module
Construction Process Managemnt PM-K200-20089 Module
Construction Tech in Architect PM-K200-20118 Module
Construction Technology PM-K200-10108 Module
Culture and People PM-K220-M0043 Module
Design Information Management PM-K200-20091 Module
Design Representation and Modelling PM-K100-10002 Module
Design Research Project PM-K100-30001 Module
Design Studies 1 PM-K200-20087 Module
Design Studies 2 PM-K200-30052 Module
Design Studio 1A PM-K100-10003 Module
Design Studio 1B PM-K100-10007 Module
Design Studio 2 PM-K100-20004 Module
Design Studio 3 PM-K100-30000 Module
Design Studio 4 PM-K100-30003 Module
Discipline Project 1 PM-K200-10098 Module
Discipline Project 2 PM-K200-20103 Module
Discipline Project 2 (ADT) PM-DISC-PROJ2 Module
Discipline Research Project PM-K200-30063 Module
Dispute Resolution - Law and Practice PM-M200-M0007 Module
Economics and Management PM-K200-10089 Module
Environmental Architectural Technology PM-K200-30072 Module
Environmental Sci & Services PM-K200-10090 Module
Fundamentals of Construction Law PM-M200-M0002 Module
Histories and Theories of Architecture I March programme PM-K900-M0003 Module
History & Theory of Architec 2 PM-K100-20005 Module
History and Theory of Architecture 1 PM-K100-10008 Module
Industrial Placement PM-K200-20102 Module
Integrated BIM Projects PM-K220-M0075 Module
Intro Built Enviro Pro Prac PM-K200-00004 Module
Intro Integ Design & Deliv Sys T3 M PM-K200-30076 Module
Introduction to Building Services and Systems PM-K100-10005 Module
Introduction to Construction Management PM-K200-10118 Module
Introduction to Design Practice T2 M PM-K200-00005 Module
Introduction to Law & Regulatory Framework PM-K200-10091 Module
IT and Study Skills PM-K200-00003 Module
KnowledgeDevThroughReflectPrac PM-K200-M0025 Module
Lean Integrated Design and Production PM-K220-M0074 Module
Legal and Contractual Procedures PM-K200-10110 Module
Liability&Complexity PM-M200-M0004 Module
Management in Construction PM-K200-10111 Module
March Dissertation PM-K900-M0005 Module
MSc Dissertation (PG) PM-K200-M0041 Module
Multidisciplinary Project (F) T3 M PM-K200-20119 Module
Multidisciplinary Project 2 PM-K200-20104 Module
Performance & Integration Management in the Built Environment PM-K220-M0077 Module
Performance Mod & Int Design PM-K100-20003 Module
Planning and Development PG PM-N230-M0020 Module
Practice Management and Law PM-K100-30004 Module
Practice-BasedTheoreticalStudy PM-K200-M0026 Module
PrelimPractice-BasedInvest PM-K200-M0027 Module
Principles of Architectural Structures PM-K100-10006 Module
Principles Of Sus Built Envir PM-K200-20117 Module
Process&ProjectSystems PM-K220-M0045 Module
Procurement & Administration PM-K200-20093 Module
Procurement in Construction & Property PM-K220-M0065 Module
Professional Practice HNC PM-K200-10112 Module
Professional Practice Salford PM-K200-30056 Module
Project PM-K200-10113 Module
Project Management PM-K200-30057 Module
Prop and Comm Lease Law and Pract PM-K200-20112 Module
Property and Real Estate Practice PM-K100-30005 Module
Property Asset Management PM-K200-20113 Module
Property Development PM-K200-30045 Module
Property Economics PM-N230-20001 Module
Property Finance & Investment PM-N230-30001 Module
Property Law and Practice PM-M200-M0012 Module
Property Studies PM-K200-30069 Module
QS Discipline Project 2 PM-K240-30001 Module
QS in MandE PM-K240-M0003 Module
QS Private & Commercial Practice 2 PM-K240-20001 Module
QS Private and Commercial Practice PM-K240-10001 Module
QS Private and Commercial Practice 3 PM-K240-30002 Module
QSinConstruction PM-K240-M0001 Module
Re-Creating the City; Re-use & Regeneration PM-K100-30002 Module
Research approaches and methodologies in built environment practice PM-K200-M0028 Module
Risk & Value Management PM-K200-30060 Module
Supply Chain Management in the Built Environment PM-K220-M0078 Module
Sustainable Design & Constrctn PM-K200-30066 Module
Sustainable Design Theory and Practice PM-K400-M0015 Module
Technology 1 PM-K200-10096 Module
Technology 2 PM-K200-20100 Module
Valuation and Investment Appraisal PM-N230-M0019 Module
Virtual Environments PM-K200-30059 Module

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