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Name Code Type
Advanced Professional Practice NU-L500-M0027 Module
App Crit Prac in Adult Nursing NU-B700-M0064 Module
App Crit Prac Ment Health Nurs NU-B700-M0065 Module
App Crit Pract Child YngP Nurs NU-B700-M0062 Module
Application of Skills to Support Health and Wellbeing 1 NU-B700-10049 Module
Application of Skills to Support Health and Wellbeing 2 NU-B700-10050 Module
Applied Critical reflection NU-L500-M0063 Module
Applied Vascular Science NU-B120-M0002 Module
Assessment and Intervention in Social Work NU-L500-20051 Module
Becoming a Social Scientist NU-L300-10021 Module
Bereavement and Loss NU-B900-30065 Module
Care of the Compromised Baby NU-B720-30079 Module
CBT Complex Cases NU-C800-M0017 Module
CBT for Children and Young People NU-C800-M0021 Module
CBT: Brief Interventions NU-B700-20165 Module
Challenges of Midwifery Practice NU-B720-30026 Module
Children Families and Young People 2 NU-L500-30073 Module
Citizenship and Welfare NU-L500-20046 Module
Client Focus NU-B700-30248 Module
Clinical Decision Making/Reasoning & Judgement (Adult/Mental Health) NU-B700-30303 Module
Clinical Examination NU-B990-M0117 Module
Clinical Reasoning NU-B700-M0045 Module
Clinical Skills and Simulation NU-CLIN-SKILL Module
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Anxiety Disorders and Addictive Behaviour NU-CTM-CBTADAB Module
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Skills NU-B940-30004 Module
College Research Methods (for HL) NU-B990-M0116 Module
Communication in Healthcare NU-B700-00003 Module
Comparative and Global Social Policy NU-L400-20006 Module
Comparative Perspectives NU-L500-30079 Module
Compassion Focused Therapy NU-C800-M0031 Module
Complex Care in Midwifery NU-B720-30082 Module
Consolidation of Prof Practice NU-L500-M0064 Module
Contemporary Global Issues in Social Policy NU-L400-M0004 Module
Contemporary Nursing 1 NU-B700-20179 Module
Contextualising Clinical Leadership NU-B700-30287 Module
Counselling & Mental Health NU-B940-30006 Module
Counselling & Psychotherapeutic Approaches NU-B940-10001 Module
Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills NU-B940-10005 Module
Counselling and Mental Health NU-B900-30087 Module
Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children and Young People NU-B940-M0009 Module
Crime, Conflict and Society NU-L300-10020 Module
Critical application of nursing to self and others NU-B700-M0071 Module
Critical Care for Childbirth NU-B720-M0011 Module
Critical Care Science NU-B120-M0003 Module
Critical Professional Practice NU-L500-M0050 Module
Critically Exploring Professional Practice NU-B700-M0026 Module
Critiquing Research, Knowledge & Theory NU-L500-M0038 Module
Cultural Awareness, Health Care & Globalisation NU-B700-20167 Module
Decision Making in Learning Disabilities: Theory NU-L500-20049 Module
Dev Crit Prac in Child Nursing NU-B700-M0063 Module
Dev Crit Prac Mental Health Nu NU-B700-M0061 Module
Dev Critical Pract Adult Nurs NU-B700-M0060 Module
Developing an Understanding of Social Work Research NU-L500-30082 Module
Developing and Changing Practice NU-B700-20185 Module
Developing Clinical Skills NU-B700-30200 Module
Developing Clinical Skills (Injury) NU-B700-30288 Module
Developing Critical Professional Practice NU-L500-M0059 Module
Developing Critical Professional Social Work Practice NU-L500-30083 Module
Developing Dementia Awareness NU-B700-M0056 Module
Developing Evidenced Based Practice in Learning Disabilities NU-L500-30080 Module
DevelopingClinicalSkills NU-B700-M0015 Module
Diabetes Complications NU-A300-M0002 Module
Diagnosis, Class and Prev Diabetes NU-A300-M0003 Module
Disability Studies: Critical Perspectives NU-L400-20001 Module
Dissertation: Couns & Psychoth NU-B940-30003 Module
DoctoralFoundation NU-B990-M0098 Module
Enabling Change through Educational Leadership for Patient and/ or Service Improvement NU-B900-M0041 Module
End of Life & Palliative Care NU-B700-20171 Module
Enhancing Professional Practice NU-B700-30285 Module
Evidence Based Practice in Nursing (UG 54008) / Analytical Inquiry in Nursing (PG 50429) NU-CTM-DEVBP Module
Evidence for Enhancing Practice NU-B700-30300 Module
EvidenceBasedPractPatientCare NU-B700-M0016 Module
Examination of the Newborn(1) NU-B720-30043 Module
Exploring Specific Health Issues NU-B700-20184 Module
Exploring the Context of Nursing and Health NU-B700-M0034 Module
Expressive Therapies NU-B900-30053 Module
Families & Social Policies NU-L500-30031 Module
Foundations Nursing & Soc Work NU-L500-10036 Module
Foundations of Health & Wellbeing NU-B700-10048 Module
Framework for Ethical Social Work Practice NU-L500-10039 Module
Frontiers of Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy NU-C800-M0018 Module
Gender Issues NU-L500-23002 Module
Gender, Crime and Criminal Justice NU-L300-20055 Module
Genocide NU-L252-20001 Module
HCFY Foundations of Mental Health NU-B700-00007 Module
HCFY Numeracy NU-B700-00008 Module
HCFY Study Skills NU-B700-00005 Module
HCFY Working in Healthcare Settings NU-B700-00004 Module
Health & Social Care Policy NU-L400-30001 Module
Health and Wellbeing across the Lifespan: Theory NU-L500-20047 Module
Health, Wellbeing & Social Policy NU-L400-10003 Module
Housing, Policy and Society NU-L400-30003 Module
Human Growth Dev Across Life NU-L500-M0071 Module
Human Relationships & Introduction to Counselling NU-B700-20166 Module
Human Rights Genocide and Resistance NU-L300-20057 Module
Ideological Approaches to Welfare NU-L400-20004 Module
Ideological Development of Social Work Practice NU-L500-10040 Module
Implementing and Evaluating Nursing Practice in Childrens Nursing NU-B700-M0037 Module
Implementing and Evaluating Nursing Practice Mental Health Nursing NU-B700-M0052 Module
Independent Learning NU-B700-M0031 Module
Individuals, Communities & Societies NU-L500-M0051 Module
Inflammatory Bowel Disease NU-B700-30302 Module
Inside-Out Prison Exchange NU-L311-30001 Module
Integrated Professional Pract NU-L500-30081 Module
Intensive/Emergency Care of Neonate NU-B720-30077 Module
Interm Counselling Skills 1 NU-L500-20007 Module
Interm Counselling Skills 2 NU-L500-20008 Module
Intro Cognitive behaviour Therapy SEMESTER ONE NU-B940-M0012 Module
Intro To Person Centr TheoryandPractice NU-B940-M0013 Module
Intro to Social Policy I NU-L500-10010 Module
Introduction to Counselling NU-L400-00005 Module
Introduction to Counselling, Philosophy & Research NU-B940-10002 Module
Introduction to Housing new NU-K450-10045 Module
Introduction to Midwifery NU-B720-10022 Module
Introduction to Professional Social Work NU-L500-10041 Module
Introduction to Professional Social Work NU-L500-M0052 Module
Introduction to Sociology NU-L400-00003 Module
Investigating Homicide NU-M100-M0017 Module
Judicious Nursing Practice NU-B700-M0073 Module
Key Themes in Contemporary Social Work: Working with Children & Adults NU-L500-20052 Module
Law and Social Policy in Health and Wellbeing NU-L500-10037 Module
Leadership and Preparation for Practice Teacher Standard, NMC Stage 3 NU-B900-M0042 Module
Leading and Managing In Health Care Organisations NU-N290-M0002 Module
Leading Change for Patient and/or Service Improvement NU-N290-M0004 Module
Leading Education In Academic Practice NU-B700-M0049 Module
Leading Education in Practice NU-B700-M0050 Module
Legal, Ethical and Professional NU-B720-M0021 Module
LEV 4 Counselling and Communic Skills (CRN32836) NU-B900-10083 Module
Life Engagment and Dementia NU-B700-M0057 Module
Management of Gastrointestinal Disorders NU-B130-M0000 Module
Management of Liver Disorders NU-B130-M0002 Module
Mental and physical health & well being across the life span NU-B700-20174 Module
Mental Health for Counsellors NU-B940-M0019 Module
Midwifery 1 NU-B720-10028 Module
Midwifery 1 (Post RN) NU-B720-20065 Module
Midwifery 2 NU-B720-10029 Module
Midwifery 3 NU-B720-20067 Module
Midwifery 5 NU-B720-30094 Module
Midwifery Research NU-B720-30085 Module
Midwifery Theory & Practice 1 NU-B720-10023 Module
Midwifery Theory and Practice 2 (Post RN) NU-B720-30084 Module
Mindfulness & Wellbeing NU-B940-10004 Module
Mindfulness-Based Approaches with CBT NU-C800-M0022 Module
Neonatal Practice A NU-B720-M0007 Module
Neonatal Practice B NU-B720-M0008 Module
Non-Medical Prescribing NU-B900-M0026 Module
Non-medical prescribing-Practice NU-B900-M0003 Module
Non-medical prescribing-Theory NU-B900-M0002 Module
Nursing across Life Course 1 NU-B700-10046 Module
Nursing across Life Course 2 NU-B700-10047 Module
Nursing across the lifespan NU-B700-M0054 Module
Nursing and Health NU-B700-10051 Module
Nursing and Health 1 NU-B700-10044 Module
Nursing and Health 2 NU-B700-10045 Module
Nursing and Midwifery in a Global Context NU-B700-M0028 Module
Nursing and Social Work in Learning Disabilities NU-L500-10038 Module
Nursing practice & decision making in children and young peoples nursing NU-B700-20177 Module
Nursing Practice & Decision Making NU-B700-20186 Module
Nursing Practice & Decision Making 1 NU-B700-20181 Module
Nursing Practice & Decision Making 2 NU-B700-20182 Module
Nursing Practice 1 NU-B740-10002 Module
Nursing Practice and Decision Making in Mental Health NU-B700-20175 Module
Nursing Practice Module (All Pre-Registration Nursing Students) NU-B700-20176 Module
Online Research Methods (Nursing) NU-L400-M0009 Module
Pathophysiology NU-B990-M0118 Module
Patients' Experience of Acute Neuroscience Care NU-B700-30263 Module
Perinatal Mental Health NU-B720-M0020 Module
Personal & Prof Develop 2 NU-B940-30005 Module
Personal and Professional Development 1 NU-B940-20002 Module
Personal and Professional Practice in Mental Health Nursing NU-B760-M0002 Module
Physical health: mental health NU-B700-30296 Module
Practice (Post RN1) NU-B720-20059 Module
Practice (Post RN2) NU-B720-20057 Module
Practice (Post RN3) NU-B720-30088 Module
Practice (Post RN4) NU-B720-30086 Module
Practice (Post RN5) NU-B720-30087 Module
Practice 1 NU-B720-10025 Module
Practice 2 NU-B720-10026 Module
Practice 3 NU-B720-10027 Module
Practice 4 NU-B720-20061 Module
Practice 5 NU-B720-20063 Module
Practice 7 NU-B720-30089 Module
Practice 8 NU-B720-30090 Module
Practice 9 NU-B720-30091 Module
Practice Based Reflection and Research NU-B940-20004 Module
Practitioner Competence NU-B700-M0046 Module
Practitioner Researcher NU-B990-M0101 Module
Prep for Mentorship-E Lrnng HL NU-B700-30224 Module
Preparation for Autonomous Practice in Adult Nursing NU-B740-30003 Module
Preparation for Autonomous Practice in Children's Nursing NU-B730-30007 Module
Preparation for Autonomous Practice in Mental Health Nursing NU-B760-30003 Module
Preparation for Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice NU-B940-20006 Module
Preparation for Professional Practice in Adult Nursing. NU-B740-30001 Module
Preparation for professional practice in childrens and young peoples nursing NU-B730-30001 Module
Preparation for Professional Practice in Mental Health Nursing NU-B760-30001 Module
Preparation for Role Transition NU-B700-30282 Module
Preparing to Study Social Work NU-L500-10042 Module
Principles of Complex Care in Midwifery NU-B720-20060 Module
Processing Criminal Justice NU-L300-M0016 Module
Prof Capability in Practice 2 NU-L500-M0060 Module
Professional Capabilities 1 NU-L500-20053 Module
Professional Capabilities 2 NU-L500-30084 Module
Professional Capability in Practice 1 NU-L500-M0053 Module
Professional Counselling and Psychotherapy Skills NU-B940-20001 Module
Professional Issues, Ethics and Supervision NU-B940-20005 Module
Professional Leadership & Advocacy for Health Professionals 1 NU-B720-M0028 Module
Professional Leadership & Advocacy for Health Professionals 2 NU-B720-M0029 Module
Professional Practice NU-B940-30002 Module
Professional Practice (ASYE) NU-L500-M0067 Module
Professional Practice Placement NU-B940-30001 Module
Project Management and Methods of Inquiry for HCP NU-N290-M0005 Module
Public Health & Context of Nursing NU-B700-M0070 Module
Public health: theory , policy and practice NU-B700-20168 Module
Research in Clinical Science I NU-B120-M0004 Module
Research in Clinical Science II NU-B120-M0005 Module
Research in Practice NU-L500-M0061 Module
Research Methods NU-L400-20005 Module
Research Methods (Faculty)-NU NU-B990-M0047 Module
Research Methods (NMSWSS) NU-L400-M0008 Module
Research Methods In Counselling and Psychotherapy NU-B940-M0017 Module
Research Problems and Method-Making it count NU-L300-20052 Module
Risk Assessment and Analysis in Adult Social Care NU-L500-M0068 Module
Risk assessment and analysis in child care NU-L500-M0069 Module
Role Transition to Prof Pract NU-B700-M0066 Module
Safeguarding in Social Work Practice NU-L500-M0072 Module
Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups NU-B700-20169 Module
Self-harm NU-B700-30231 Module
Sexual Health NU-B700-20173 Module
Shaping making and doing social policy NU-L400-10004 Module
Social Care Practice NU-L400-00002 Module
Social Exclusion NU-L500-30022 Module
Social Policy and Differentiation NU-L500-20013 Module
Social Policy Community Placement NU-L400-30002 Module
Social Policy Community Placement/Work-based project NU-L400-M0005 Module
Social Policy Dissertation NU-L500-30078 Module
Social Policy:Ideology,Theory and Practice NU-L400-M0006 Module
Social Practice 1- individuals and communities NU-L500-M0074 Module
Social Work and Individuals, Communities and Societies NU-L500-20054 Module
Social Work and Society NU-L500-M0056 Module
Social Work Law Policy and Practice NU-L500-M0073 Module
Social Work Theory, Skills & Methods NU-L500-10027 Module
Sociology of Health & Illness NU-B900-20028 Module
Study Skills NU-L400-00001 Module
Study Skills NU-L400-10008 Module
Studying Social Policy NU-L400-10002 Module
Supervision in counselling, psychotherapy and helping relationships NU-B940-M0014 Module
Supporting Families & Carers NU-B700-20172 Module
The Leader as Practitioner Researcher NU-B990-M0121 Module
The Me' in leadership for healthcare practice NU-N290-M0003 Module
The Practice of Social Work Research NU-L500-30085 Module
Theory of Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice NU-B940-20003 Module
Therapeutic Advances Diabetes NU-A300-M0004 Module
Therapeutic Relationship in Nursing NU-B700-M0013 Module
Therapy, Ethics & Human Rights NU-B940-10003 Module
Tissue Viability NU-B700-30299 Module
Understanding Criminology NU-L400-00004 Module
Understanding International Health and Social Welfare NU-L500-10044 Module
Understanding Social Policy NU-L400-00006 Module
Understanding Social Work Research NU-L500-M0062 Module
Understanding Victims and Victimisation NU-L300-20056 Module
Vascular Ultrasound Science NU-B120-M0006 Module
Young People & Social Policies NU-L400-20002 Module

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