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Name Code Type
Advanced Interpreting HU-Q910-30003 Module
Advanced Translation HU-Q910-30004 Module
Air Power and Modern Warfare HU-L200-20098 Module
Anthony Burgess and Contemporaries HU-Q300-M0006 Module
Armoured Warfare Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 26153 HU-L200-20041 Module
Attitudes to English Lv5 (S2) CRN 34131 HU-Q300-20072 Module
Biography: Tradition and Innovation HU-Q300-30056 Module
Bodies: Biology to Blushing HU-L300-20034 Module
Britain and the European Resistance, 1939-1945 HU-L200-30075 Module
Britain and the World Lvl 4 (S1) CRN 25152 HU-L200-10018 Module
British Counter-Insurgency since 1945 Lvl 6, CRN 30805 HU-L200-30095 Module
British Theatre post 1950 Lvl 6 (S2) CRN 23475 HU-Q300-30003 Module
Change in Contemporary English Lvl 6 (S1) CRN 28616 HU-Q300-30039 Module
Conference Interpreting HU-Q910-M0096 Module
Connected Lives HU-L300-20035 Module
Constructing Guilt and Innocence HU-L300-30053 Module
Contemporary Approaches to Writing and Performance HU-W800-20009 Module
Corpus Approaches to Language HU-Q300-20066 Module
Corruption in Contemp Politics Lvl 6 (S1) CRN 17991 HU-L200-30041 Module
Creative Non-Fiction HU-W800-20010 Module
Creative Practice: Observation, Imagination, Representation HU-W800-10006 Module
Crim Justice and Human Rights HU-L300-10018 Module
Crime and Society Lvl 4 (S1) CRN-24527 and CRN-17975 HU-L300-10008 Module
Critical issues in TESOL HU-Q100-30029 Module
Culture, Power and Identity HU-L300-10016 Module
Current Approach to Linguistic HU-Q100-30030 Module
Digital Criminal Justice HU-N290-M0013 Module
Dissertation HU-Q910-M0014 Module
Dissertation PCH - CRN 14525 HU-L200-30023 Module
Dissertation TESOL and Applied Lingusistics HU-X162-M0028 Module
Dissertation-DL HU-L250-M0037 Module
Dissertation/CreativeProject HU-Q300-M0003 Module
Experimental Practice HU-W800-M0007 Module
French 501 HU-R110-30003 Module
French 507 HU-R110-30026 Module
French 601 507 HU-R110-30006 Module
German 501 HU-R210-30003 Module
German 507 HU-R210-30027 Module
German 601 HU-R210-30007 Module
Global Governance and International Organisations HU-L200-10031 Module
History and Diversity in English Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 33043 HU-Q300-20068 Module
Intelligence & Security in Germany TEST HU-Z100-M0031 Module
Intelligence and Conflict: British intelligence at War in the Twentieth Century HU-L250-M0040 Module
Intelligence, Security and Politics in Britain, 1909-1994 HU-L200-20104 Module
Internat Hist II 1945-Present Lvl 4 (S2) CRN 24144 HU-L200-10016 Module
International Criminal Justice HU-L250-M0041 Module
International History 1 1890-1945 Lvl 4 (S1) CRN 24143 HU-L200-10015 Module
International History 1789-1914 Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 30682 HU-L200-20142 Module
International Politics and the Media Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 29579 HU-L200-20116 Module
Intersectionality and Crime HU-L300-30074 Module
Intro to Children's Literature Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 29637 HU-Q300-20050 Module
Introduction to Contemporary Military History 1 Lvl 4 (S1) CRN 30716 HU-L200-10028 Module
Introduction to Contemporary Military History 2 Lvl 4 (S2) CRN 30719 HU-L200-10029 Module
Introduction to Drama Lvl 4 (S1) CRN 27513 HU-Q300-10017 Module
Introduction to Poetry Lvl 4 (S2) CRN 27558 HU-Q300-10019 Module
Issues in Contemp History Lvl 4 (S1) CRN 14345 HU-L200-10009 Module
Issues in Intelligence (S1 Att) CRN 28990 HU-L250-M0026 Module
Issues in Intelligence-DL HU-L250-M0027 Module
Key Concepts and Skills in TESOL HU-Q100-20037 Module
Language Structure and Use HU-X162-M0024 Module
Language through Literature Lvl 4 (S1) CRN 33035 HU-Q300-10023 Module
Materials and Technology in English Language Teaching HU-X162-M0026 Module
Middle East & Terrorism HU-L250-M0020 Module
Modernism Lvl 6 (S1) CRN 10369 HU-Q300-30009 Module
Modernity and Cultural Form HU-Q300-M0004 Module
Morphology HU-Q100-30031 Module
Narrative, Fiction, and the Novel Lvl 4 (S1) CRN 27515 HU-Q300-10018 Module
New Departures:Writing and Reading Innovative Poetry HU-Q300-30054 Module
Page To Stage: Drama Texts in Translation HU-W400-20215 Module
Performance and the post-dramatic Lvl 6 (S1) CRN 28370 HU-W400-30088 Module
Playwriting HU-Q300-20071 Module
Playwriting: Professional Context HU-W800-M0008 Module
Playwriting: The Production Context HU-W800-M0009 Module
Policing and Social Control HU-L300-20040 Module
Political Violence and IPE HU-L200-30110 Module
Politics and Democracy HU-L200-10032 Module
Popular Fictions HU-Q300-10025 Module
Postmodernism Lvl 6 (S2) CRN 24401 HU-Q300-30027 Module
Prisons and Punishment HU-L300-30070 Module
Professional Practice HU-Q300-M0002 Module
Research Methods in TESOL and Applied Linguistics HU-X162-M0027 Module
Research Problems and Methods 1: Qualitatively Better HU-L300-20043 Module
Researching in Intelligence and Security Studies DL HU-L250-M0028 Module
Researching in Politics and International Relations Lvl 5 (S2) CRN 26346 HU-L200-20083 Module
Riots, Resistance and Revolutions HU-L300-10019 Module
Second Language Learning and Teaching HU-X162-M0025 Module
Security Networks, Intelligence and Internal Security HU-L200-M0014 Module
Semantics HU-Q100-20035 Module
Shakespeare and the Play of Thought Lvl 6 (S2) CRN 30725 HU-Q300-30053 Module
Social Divisions and Inequality Lvl 4 (S1) HU-L300-10013 Module
Spanish 501,505,507 HU-R410-30002 Module
Spanish 507 HU-R410-30027 Module
Spanish 601 HU-R410-30006 Module
Spanish Civil War, 1936 - 1939 HU-L200-30102 Module
Terrorism: Threat & Response HU-L250-M0004 Module
The Arab-Israeli Conflict Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 28446 HU-L200-20108 Module
The Criminal Justice Process Lvl 6 (S1) CRN 31512 HU-L390-30001 Module
The First World War Lvl 6 (S2) CRN 28455 HU-L200-30079 Module
The Language of Names Lvl 6 (S2) CRN 29616 HU-Q300-30043 Module
The Method : A Strasbergian  Approach HU-W400-20180 Module
The Politics of Islamism Lvl 6 (S2) CRN 28350 HU-L200-30084 Module
The Romantic Period Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 18677 HU-Q300-20022 Module
The Secret State: Domestic Security in Britain, 1883-2012 HU-L250-M0042 Module
Theatre Adaptation: Writers and Devisers HU-Q300-20069 Module
Theoretical Criminology Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 17979 HU-L300-20007 Module
Theories of Power and Domination Lvl 5 (S2) CRN 28457 HU-L200-20101 Module
Theories of War Lvl 5 (S2) CRN 25189 HU-L200-20045 Module
Theory and Practice HU-Q300-10024 Module
Theory,Text,Writing HU-Q300-M0001 Module
Thinking Sociologically Semester 1 HU-L300-10007 Module
Translation Project HU-Q910-30001 Module
UG Dissertation HU-Q900-30005 Module
UG6 - 22932 - English 601 HU-Q310-30005 Module
UG6 - 27441 - First Language Acquisition HU-Q100-30022 Module
Understanding the Social World HU-L300-20047 Module
US Foreign Policy Since 1945 HU-L200-20051 Module
Utopias and Dystopias Lvl 5 (S1) CRN 28773 HU-L300-20029 Module
UWLP Arabic Stage 1 (all) HU-T610-10017 Module
UWLP Arabic Stage 2 (all) HU-T610-10018 Module
UWLP Arabic Stage 3 (all) HU-T610-10019 Module
UWLP Arabic Stage 4 (all) HU-T610-10020 Module
UWLP French Stage 1 (all) HU-R110-10008 Module
UWLP French Stage 2 (all) HU-R110-10009 Module
UWLP French Stage 3 - All - HU-R110-10010 Module
UWLP French Stage 4 (all) HU-R110-10011 Module
UWLP German Stage 1 (all) HU-R210-10009 Module
UWLP German Stage 2 (all) HU-R210-10010 Module
UWLP German Stage 3 (all) HU-R210-10011 Module
UWLP German Stage 4 (all) HU-R210-10012 Module
UWLP Italian Stage 1 (all) HU-R310-10004 Module
UWLP Italian Stage 2 (all) HU-R310-10005 Module
UWLP Italian Stage 3 (all) HU-R310-10006 Module
UWLP Italian Stage 4 (all) HU-R310-10007 Module
UWLP Japanese Stage 1 (all) HU-T210-10002 Module
UWLP Japanese Stage 2 (all) HU-T210-10003 Module
UWLP Japanese Stage 3 (all) HU-T210-10004 Module
UWLP Japanese Stage 4 (all) HU-T210-10006 Module
UWLP Mandarin Chinese Stage 1 - All - HU-T110-10001 Module
UWLP Mandarin Chinese Stage 2 (all) HU-T110-10002 Module
UWLP Mandarin Chinese Stage 3 (all) HU-T110-10003 Module
UWLP Mandarin Chinese Stage 4 (all) HU-T110-10005 Module
UWLP Spanish Stage 1 (all) HU-R410-10007 Module
UWLP Spanish Stage 2 (all) HU-R410-10008 Module
UWLP Spanish Stage 3 (all) HU-R410-10009 Module
UWLP Spanish Stage 4 (all) HU-R410-10010 Module
Victorian Literature: Progress and Panic HU-Q300-20074 Module
Violence in Society HU-L300-30051 Module
Visual Representation Lvl 6 (S1) CRN 22253 HU-L300-30024 Module
Visual Text HU-Q300-30080 Module
Working the text HU-W800-10007 Module
World Englishes Lvl 6 (S2) CRN 28480 HU-Q300-30038 Module
Writing Fiction: Contemporary Practice Level 5 HU-Q300-20070 Module
Writing for Performance HU-Q300-30058 Module
Writing Poetry in 21st Century HU-Q300-20032 Module
Writing Workshop HU-W800-M0006 Module

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