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21st Century Global Public Health Challenges HL-B900-M0059 Module
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening for Technicians HL-B821-10026 Module
Abdominal ultrasound imaging HL-B900-M0051 Module
Addictive Behaviour HL-C800-M0001 Module
Advance of Know in Prac HL-B170-M0003 Module
Advanced Concepts in Nuclear Medicine HL-B821-M0049 Module
Advanced Procedures HL-B900-M0065 Module
Advanced Procedures Reporting HL-B900-M0066 Module
Advanced Strength and Conditioning HL-C600-30002 Module
Advanced Technique in Mammography Practice HL-B821-M0047 Module
Advanced Therapies HL-B160-30071 Module
Advanced Topics in Sports Psychology HL-C610-30015 Module
An Introduction to Gait HL-B330-10016 Module
Anatomy and Physiology HL-B830-10024 Module
Applied Clinical Medicine HL-B330-20025 Module
Applied Human Performance HL-C610-30005 Module
Applied Orthopaedics Radiology HL-B900-M0018 Module
Applied Radiography 1 HL-B821-20032 Module
Applied Radiography 2 HL-B821-20035 Module
Applied Research Methods HL-B821-30033 Module
Assessment and Management Peripheral 1 Full time and Part time HL-B160-10053 Module
Assessment and Management Peripheral 2 HL-B160-10054 Module
Benign Urology 1 Urolithiasis & Urinary Tract Infection HL-B900-M0068 Module
Benign Urology 2 Emergency, paediatrics, transplantation and imaging HL-B900-M0069 Module
Benign Urology 3 Bladder dysfunction and female urology, incorporating educational techniques HL-B900-M0071 Module
Benign Urology 4 Andrology, Core Urology and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia HL-B900-M0072 Module
Bioenergetics and Nutrients HL-C610-10010 Module
Biological Psychology HL-C800-20001 Module
Biomechanics and Performance Analysis HL-C610-20003 Module
Biomechanics and Skill Acquisition HL-C610-30003 Module
Brain & Behaviour HL-B900-30057 Module
Broad Scope PandO Practice HL-B830-30018 Module
Cardiovascular and Respiratory Assessment and Management (CRAM) HL-B160-20072 Module
Cardiovascular Rehabilitation HL-C610-30019 Module
CBTandPhysicalHealth HL-C800-M0019 Module
Clinical Assessment, Diagnosis and Management 1 HL-B170-M0005 Module
Clinical Based Practices in Nuclear Medicine HL-B821-M0050 Module
Clinical Biomechanics HL-B900-M0019 Module
Clinical Exercise Testing and Prescription for Health Disorders HL-B120-M0007 Module
Clinical Pathologies and Presentations HL-B830-20025 Module
Cognitive Psychology HL-C800-20002 Module
College Dissertation HL-B990-M0111 Module
Compassion, Professionalism and Employment HL-B821-30032 Module
Competence in Practice HL-B930-30014 Module
Contexts of Clinical Practice HL-B330-20027 Module
Core Orthotic Practice HL-B830-20022 Module
Core Prof in Clin Prac HL-B170-M0004 Module
Core Prosthetic Practice HL-B830-20019 Module
Core Skills of Radiological Reporting HL-B900-M0064 Module
Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children and Young People HL-B940-M0009 Module
Current Issues HL-B930-M0002 Module
Dental Implant Procedures and Complex Cases (ICE) HL-A400-M0004 Module
Designing and Evaluating Health and Wellbeing Interventions HL-B160-20085 Module
Designing and Evaluating Workplace Strategies for Health and Wellbeing HL-B900-M0034 Module
Development of role in Practice HL-B930-30016 Module
Developmental and Social Psychology HL-B900-20085 Module
Developmental Psychology HL-B900-20070 Module
Diagnosis & Management 1 HL-B330-30017 Module
Diagnosis & Management 2 HL-B330-30018 Module
Dissertation (Advanced Medical Imaging) HL-B990-M0120 Module
Dissertation (Diagnostic Imaging) HL-B810-M0001 Module
Dissertation (ICE) HL-A400-M0005 Module
Dissertation (Public Health) HL-B900-M0043 Module
Eating Behavand Dietary Intrvnt HL-B900-30081 Module
Educational Psychology HL-B900-30056 Module
Effective and Affective Thinking and Processing HL-C800-30006 Module
Emerging Practice/ Extending Boundaries HL-B930-M0003 Module
Encouraging the Self- Management of Healthy Lifestyle Behaviours HL-C600-M0020 Module
Engaging service Users in OT HL-B930-20032 Module
Epidemiology and Statistics For Public Health HL-L430-M0042 Module
Evidence Based Practice and Research 1 HL-B930-10020 Module
Evidence Based Practice and Research 2 HL-B930-20031 Module
Evidence Based Practice and Research 3 HL-B930-30024 Module
Evidence-Based Public Health HL-L430-M0041 Module
Exercise Across the Life Span (EALS) HL-B160-30070 Module
Exercise Design & Fitness Instruction HL-C610-10001 Module
Exercise Physiology (H) HL-B160-20039 Module
Exercise Practitioner Placement HL-B900-30051 Module
Exercise Prescription for Special Populations HL-C610-30002 Module
Exercise Programming and the Recreational Athlete HL-C610-20013 Module
Exercise Training Contexts HL-C610-20002 Module
Exploring Contemporary Practice HL-B930-30023 Module
Extending Advanced Practice HL-B900-M0060 Module
Extending Proficiencies in Orthopaedics HL-B900-M0015 Module
Final Placement HL-B830-30017 Module
Forensic Psychology HL-B900-30054 Module
Found of Know in Prac HL-B170-M0002 Module
Foundation Principles of Occupational Therapy HL-B930-10021 Module
Functional Rehabilitation HL-B160-20074 Module
Fundamentals of Exercise and Conditioning HL-B160-10056 Module
Fundamentals of Mammography Practice HL-B821-M0048 Module
Fundamentals of Nuclear Medicine Practice HL-B821-M0051 Module
Fundamentals of Patient Centred Care HL-B821-10029 Module
Further Biopsychology and Cognition HL-C800-20009 Module
Further Research Methods HL-B900-20005 Module
General P&O Practice HL-B830-10019 Module
General Radiography 1 HL-B821-10028 Module
General Radiography 2 HL-B821-10030 Module
Healthy Behaviour and Promoting Change HL-B900-20086 Module
Human Anatomy HL-B160-10045 Module
Human Gait Studies HL-B330-10014 Module
Human Physiology HL-B160-10050 Module
Hybrid Imaging in Nuclear Medicine HL-B821-M0039 Module
Implant Surgery (ICE) HL-A400-M0002 Module
Individual Differences and Social Psychology HL-C800-20011 Module
Innovations in Physical Activity and Health HL-B900-10084 Module
Integrated Life Science 1 HL-B330-10011 Module
Integrated Life Science 2 HL-B330-10013 Module
Intermediate Placement HL-B830-20023 Module
Interprofessional Practice in Sport Rehabilitation HL-B160-20075 Module
Into Employment (DR) HL-B821-30029 Module
Into Employment (Physiotherapy) HL-B160-30068 Module
Into Employment (Podiatry) HL-B330-30020 Module
Into Employment (PRO) HL-B830-30020 Module
Into Practice HL-B930-30026 Module
Intro to Motion Analysis HL-B830-10022 Module
Intro to Sports Psychology HL-B160-10016 Module
Introduction to Applied Sciences HL-C900-00001 Module
Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology HL-C800-10005 Module
Introduction to Collaborative Professional Practice (PandO) HL-B830-10023 Module
Introduction to Collaborative Professional Practice (Physiotherapy) HL-B160-10055 Module
Introduction to Collaborative Professional Practice (Podiatry) HL-B330-10015 Module
Introduction to Collaborative Professional Practice (Radiography) HL-B821-10024 Module
Introduction to Developmental Psychology & Social Psychology HL-C800-10003 Module
Introduction to Individual Differences HL-C800-10004 Module
Introduction to PandO Practice HL-B830-10016 Module
Introduction to Research Methods HL-C800-10006 Module
Introduction to Social Policy II HL-L500-10011 Module
Introduction to Sociology HL-B900-10018 Module
Introduction to Sports Biomechanics HL-B160-10057 Module
Issues in Media Psychology (MediaCityUK) HL-C800-M0029 Module
Local Anesthesia HL-B330-20029 Module
Long Term Conditions and Vocational Case Management (LTC) HL-B900-M0037 Module
Lower Limb Orthopaedics HL-B900-M0020 Module
Management and leadership in clinical practice 1 HL-B330-30014 Module
Manual Therapy HL-B160-20022 Module
Manual Therapy HL-B160-M0004 Module
Measurement & Evaluation of Health and Fitness HL-C610-30001 Module
Media Psychology HL-C800-30001 Module
Media Psychology Research Methods (MediaCityUK) HL-C800-M0011 Module
MedicalEthicsandLaw HL-B990-M0092 Module
Methods of Enquiry and Dissertation (Vascular Surgery) HL-A300-M0010 Module
Methods of Enquiry Dissertation - FT and PT HL-B330-30019 Module
Methods of Enquiry IV HL-B930-30008 Module
Models for Occupational Therapy Practice HL-B930-20033 Module
Motion analysis and research methods HL-B830-20024 Module
Musculoskeletal Conditions HL-B160-10058 Module
Musculoskeletal Conditions 1 HL-B330-20030 Module
Musculoskeletal Conditions 2 HL-B330-20031 Module
Neurological Assessment and Management Full and Part Time HL-B160-20071 Module
Neuromuscular Function and Dysfunction HL-B160-M0002 Module
Neuroscience and Neurological Rehabilitation HL-B160-M0009 Module
Obstetric Ultrasound Imaging HL-B900-M0053 Module
Occupation Through The Lifespan HL-B930-10023 Module
Occupational Psychology HL-B900-30031 Module
Pathomechanics & Locomotion Therapies I HL-B330-20026 Module
Pathomechanics and Locomotion Therapies 2 HL-B330-20028 Module
Pathophysiology & Aetiology of Health Disorders HL-B100-M0001 Module
Patient Assessment and Treatment Planning (ICE) HL-A400-M0001 Module
People as Occupational Beings HL-B930-M0012 Module
Philosophical and Theoretical Base of Occupational Therapy HL-B930-M0001 Module
Physical Activity and Health Monitoring in Practice HL-C900-10001 Module
Practical Applications of Sport Psychology HL-B160-20083 Module
Practice-based Learning 1 HL-B160-20053 Module
Practice-based Learning 3 HL-B160-30049 Module
Practice-based Learning 4 HL-B160-30050 Module
Practice-based Learning2/PHY/P HL-B160-20054 Module
Practitioner Skill Development HL-C610-10002 Module
Preliminary Image Evaluation HL-B821-M0055 Module
Preparing for Research in Health HL-B160-M0007 Module
Prescription Only Medicine HL-B330-20023 Module
Principles of Advanced Practice HL-B900-M0063 Module
Principles of Exercise Therapy HL-B160-10060 Module
Principles of Ultrasound Imaging HL-B900-M0050 Module
Professional and Business Management for Health Professionals HL-N290-M0001 Module
Professional and Ethical Practice in Occupational and Vocational Rehabilitation HL-B900-M0035 Module
Professional Practice 1 HL-B160-20076 Module
Professional Practice 2 HL-B160-30072 Module
Professional Studies 1 HL-B330-10009 Module
Professional Studies/Pract 1 HL-B330-10012 Module
Professional, Contemporary and Ethical Issues in Media Psychology HL-C800-M0012 Module
Psychol in Contem Contexts HL-C800-10002 Module
Psychological Approaches to Recovery from Coercive Control HL-C800-M0035 Module
Psychological Therapies for Common Mental Health Disorders HL-B940-M0021 Module
Psychology and Global Issues of the 21st Century HL-B900-30082 Module
Psychology and Health HL-B900-30055 Module
Psychology of Children in Need HL-B900-30098 Module
Psychology of Exercise and Health HL-B900-10071 Module
Psychology of Sports Injury HL-B160-20077 Module
Radiographer Commenting HL-B821-30031 Module
Radiology Image Interpretation HL-B821-M0041 Module
Research in Physiotherapy Practice HL-B160-30069 Module
Research Methods HL-B821-20033 Module
Research Methods HL-B930-M0004 Module
Research Methods andStudy Design HL-B160-20065 Module
Research Methods Applied to Public Health HL-L430-M0040 Module
Research Methods for Clinical Exercise Sciences HL-B160-M0013 Module
Research Methods in Psychology HL-C800-M0023 Module
Research Project HL-B120-M0008 Module
ResearchProject(MScOVR) HL-B900-M0036 Module
Restorative Treatment and Maintenance (ICE) HL-A400-M0003 Module
Scientific Principles for Diagnostic Radiography HL-B821-10027 Module
Screening and Diagnosis HL-B900-M0010 Module
Screening, Diagnosis and Intervention 1 HL-B821-20031 Module
Screening, Diagnosis and Intervention 2 HL-B821-20034 Module
Social Psychology HL-C800-20010 Module
Spinal Assessment and Management HL-B160-20070 Module
Spinal Orthopaedics HL-B900-M0008 Module
Sports Nutrition HL-C610-20010 Module
Sports Science Placement HL-C610-30006 Module
The Aetiology and Psychology of Coercive Control HL-C800-M0033 Module
The Anatomy of Coercive Control in Comparative Contexts HL-C800-M0034 Module
The Psychology of Digital Experiences (MediaCityUK) HL-C800-M0030 Module
The Psychology of Extreme Violence HL-C800-30005 Module
The Psychology of Media Communication (MediaCityUK) HL-C800-M0013 Module
The Psychology of Mental Health HL-B900-30059 Module
The Science of Psychology HL-C800-10001 Module
Theory and Practice 1 HL-B930-M0011 Module
Therapy Skills HL-B160-10059 Module
Third Trimester Ultrasound HL-B900-M0077 Module
Trauma Imaging HL-B821-30020 Module
Understanding People as Occupational Beings HL-B930-20030 Module
Upper Limb Orthopaedics HL-B900-M0021 Module
Uro-oncology 1 Kidney and bladder cancer, Trial/study design and statistics HL-B900-M0070 Module
Uro-oncology 2 Prostate, penile and testicular cancer, writing for publication HL-B900-M0073 Module
Vascular Emergency & Trauma HL-A300-M0009 Module
Vascular Procedures HL-A300-M0008 Module
Workplace Psychology HL-C800-30003 Module

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