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Name Code Type
A Environmental Remote Sensing EL-F800-30017 Module
Academic Skills Tutorial EL-F800-10047 Module
Advances in Pathophysiology EL-C100-30049 Module
Analytical Methods EL-F100-M0001 Module
Animal Cognition and Social Complexity EL-C300-30002 Module
Animal Evolution EL-C300-20005 Module
Applied Biomedical Science EL-B900-30086 Module
Applied Freshwater Biology EL-C100-30045 Module
Arts Sci Communication EL-C900-M0010 Module
Biochem andPharmaceutical Skills EL-C100-10067 Module
Biochem/Pharm Research Skills EL-C100-20070 Module
Biochemistry of Drugs and Diseases EL-C100-30050 Module
Biodiversity EL-C100-10041 Module
Bioinorganic and Medicinal Chemistry EL-F100-23019 Module
Biological Chemistry EL-C100-10071 Module
Biological Research Skills EL-C100-20066 Module
Biological Skills EL-C100-10072 Module
Biology of Parasites EL-C100-30051 Module
Biology with Studies in the USA EL-C100-20080 Module
Biomedical Science EL-C100-10073 Module
Biomedical Science Practice EL-B900-20082 Module
Bioscience Enterprise EL-C900-M0008 Module
Bioscience Placement EL-C100-20063 Module
Biotechnology EL-C100-30037 Module
Cancer Bench to Bedside EL-C100-30062 Module
Cell Biology EL-C100-10070 Module
Cell Pathology EL-C100-30041 Module
Cellular Basis of Disease EL-B900-M0038 Module
Chemical Structure Determination EL-F100-10072 Module
Climate Change, Glaciers and Hydrology EL-F800-30073 Module
Clinical and Molecular Genetics EL-C100-20079 Module
Clinical Immunology EL-B900-30085 Module
Conservation Biology EL-C100-20078 Module
Consultancy Project EL-B910-20099 Module
Control of Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases EL-B910-M0042 Module
Corporate Environmental Management EL-F850-30078 Module
Creative Contexts Practice EL-C900-M0013 Module
Data Handling EL-F850-00004 Module
Disorders of the Blood & Circulatory System EL-B900-M0039 Module
Dissertation (MPVB) EL-C111-M0002 Module
Dissertation GEM EL-F850-30079 Module
Drug Pharmacology EL-B290-M0001 Module
Drug Synthesis EL-C100-30038 Module
Earth Processes EL-F850-00006 Module
Earth Surface Processes EL-F800-10042 Module
Economic Geography EL-F800-20074 Module
Energy, Resources and Sustainability EL-F850-M0019 Module
Environment, Health and Well-being EL-B910-M0044 Module
Environmental Decision Making EL-B910-30073 Module
Environmental Geographic Information Systems EL-F800-30072 Module
Environmental Investigation and Remediation EL-F850-M0020 Module
Environmental Protection EL-B910-20100 Module
Environmental Resources EL-F800-10048 Module
Evolution, Development and Adaptation EL-C300-30003 Module
Field Biology EL-C100-10077 Module
Final Project Sci Com EL-C900-M0017 Module
Final Year Research Project and Professional Skills (BlO 20) EL-C100-30046 Module
Final Year Research Project and Professional Skills (BlO 40) EL-C100-30048 Module
Fluvial and Glacial Systems EL-F800-20076 Module
Foundation Biology I EL-C100-00001 Module
Fundamentals of Biochemistry EL-C100-20068 Module
Genes to Ecosystems EL-C100-10078 Module
Genetics EL-C100-10046 Module
Genomics and Proteomics EL-C100-20030 Module
Global Challenges Sci Com EL-C900-M0016 Module
Global Distribution of Wildlife EL-F800-10054 Module
Habitat Conservation and Restoration EL-F850-30075 Module
Haematology and Transfusion EL-C100-20072 Module
Health and Wellbeing EL-F850-30080 Module
Housing and Sustainability EL-B910-30029 Module
Human Anatomy EL-C100-10079 Module
Human Genetics EL-C100-30060 Module
Human Microbiology and Infection Control EL-C100-30061 Module
Human Physiology EL-C100-20064 Module
Human Physiology (IBMS) EL-C100-23003 Module
Identification of Drugs EL-F100-M0002 Module
Infection and Immunity EL-B900-M0040 Module
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry EL-F100-10066 Module
Introduction to Physical Chemistry EL-F100-10071 Module
Introduction to Zoo Biology EL-F850-10068 Module
Introductory Biochemistry EL-F100-10070 Module
Management of Occupational Health and Safety EL-B920-M0011 Module
Marine Biology EL-C100-20067 Module
Medical and Public Hlth Microb EL-C100-30028 Module
Medical Biochemistry EL-C100-20069 Module
Microorganisms in Action EL-C100-20013 Module
Molecular Biology of Parasites EL-C111-M0003 Module
Molecular Genetics EL-C100-20084 Module
Molecular Structure Determination EL-F150-20002 Module
Molecules to Microbes EL-C100-10069 Module
Molecules to Microbes (IBMS) EL-C100-10082 Module
Monitoring Environmental Change EL-F850-20104 Module
Novel Therapeutics EL-C900-M0005 Module
Organic Chemistry 2 EL-F150-20001 Module
Organic Chemistry 3 EL-C100-30059 Module
Organisational Well-being EL-B920-M0012 Module
Parasitology and Immunology EL-C111-M0004 Module
Pathophysiology EL-B900-20019 Module
People, Place and Space EL-F800-10050 Module
Pharmaceutical Science EL-C100-20034 Module
Physical & Analytical Chemistry EL-F150-20003 Module
Population and Community Ecology EL-C100-20081 Module
Primate Behaviour and Conservation EL-C100-20077 Module
Professional Communication EL-F850-00007 Module
Professional Skills EL-B900-10088 Module
Public Health Intervention EL-B910-30075 Module
Public Involvement Citizen Sci EL-C900-M0012 Module
Research and Professional Practice EL-B910-M0045 Module
Research Skills (Parasitology) EL-C111-M0005 Module
Research Skills and Tutorial EL-F850-20106 Module
Risk: Perception and Management EL-B920-M0013 Module
River Restoration and Management EL-F800-30075 Module
Science and Industry EL-C100-30058 Module
Science and Storytelling EL-C900-M0011 Module
Science for Health EL-C100-00004 Module
Science Live EL-C900-M0014 Module
Science Writing EL-C900-M0015 Module
Study Skills EL-C100-10068 Module
Sustainability and Environment EL-F800-10051 Module
Sustainable Cities EL-F800-30077 Module
Techniques for Environmental Assessment and Management EL-F850-M0021 Module
Tropical Ecology and Conservation EL-F850-30074 Module
Urban Form and Quality of Life EL-F800-30076 Module
Vector Biology and Control EL-C111-M0006 Module
Veterinary and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases EL-B910-30072 Module
Wildlife and the Law EL-B910-30071 Module
Wildlife Biology, Ecology and Behaviour EL-C100-M0009 Module
Wildlife Placement EL-C300-20004 Module
Wildlife Research Skills EL-C100-M0008 Module
Wildlife Study and Research Skills EL-C300-20006 Module
World Of Sci Com Future Media EL-C900-M0009 Module
Zoo Animal Management EL-F850-20087 Module
Zoo Organisation and Regulation EL-F850-30058 Module

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