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Name Code Type
Accounting BN-N400-M0033 Module
Accounting & Finance BN-N400-M0034 Module
Advanced Contract Law and Negotiation BN-M100-M0018 Module
Applied Business Research and Analysis BN-N190-30000 Module
Applied Game Theory BN-L120-30000 Module
Bank Management BN-N310-M0001 Module
BIT Project 1 BN-N100-30063 Module
BIT Project 2 BN-N100-30061 Module
Business and the Accountant BN-N400-10053 Module
Business Ethics and Sustainability BN-N100-30065 Module
Business Forecasting BN-G310-30001 Module
Business Innovation Module BN-N200-M0256 Module
Business Innovation Project:Dissertation BN-N100-M0093 Module
Business Innovation with Digital Technology BN-N100-30059 Module
Civil Litigation BN-M100-30029 Module
Commercial and Consumer Law L2 LW-M100-20010 Module
Company Law LLB LW-M100-20007 Module
Construction Contracts - Operation and Administration LW-M200-M0003 Module
Consumer Behaviour BN-N100-10004 Module
Consumer Behaviour and Market Research BN-N500-20004 Module
Contemporary HRM BN-N600-M0041 Module
Contemporary Issues in Consumer Research BN-N500-M0064 Module
Contract Law BN-M100-10015 Module
Corporate Financial Strategies BN-N300-M0017 Module
Crime, Conflict and Society BN-L300-10020 Module
Criminal Justice LW-M100-30019 Module
Criminal Law - Year 1 LW-M100-10005 Module
Cross-Cultural Communications BN-N120-20001 Module
Cyber Law BN-M100-20017 Module
Data Analysis for Business BN-N100-20048 Module
Destination Analysis BN-N800-30027 Module
Destination Management BN-N800-20213 Module
Develop your own career BN-N900-M0001 Module
Developing your own enterprise BN-N900-M0002 Module
Digital Business BN-N600-M0057 Module
Digital Innovations BN-G500-M0140 Module
Digital Marketing and Analysis BN-N500-M0073 Module
Dissertation BN-G500-30037 Module
Dissertation BN-G500-30013 Module
Dissertation BN-G500-M0006 Module
Dissertation UG LW-M100-30020 Module
Economics and financial management BN-L100-M0015 Module
Economics for Business BN-L100-00011 Module
Employment Law BN-N100-30007 Module
Employment Law Level 3 - LLB LW-M100-30005 Module
Employment Relations BN-N600-30016 Module
Employment Relations & Law BN-N600-M0052 Module
Employment Relations and Law BN-CTM-S1-ERL Module
English Legal Process and Research Skills BN-M100-10016 Module
Entrepreneurial Project BN-N100-20047 Module
Equity and Trusts LW-M100-30001 Module
European Union (EU) Law LW-M100-20001 Module
European Union (EU) Law - Year 3 LW-M100-30017 Module
Event Planning and Development BN-N820-20009 Module
Event Tourism Management BN-N800-20246 Module
Family Law Level 2 LW-M100-20008 Module
Financial Accounting BN-N400-20055 Module
Financial Markets and Instrument BN-G100-20034 Module
Financial Planning and Software Applications BN-N400-20056 Module
Foundations of HRM BN-N100-00004 Module
Global Supply Chain Management BN-N120-M0253 Module
Human Resource Management BN-N800-20223 Module
Human Resource Management BN-N200-10009 Module
Human Rights Law BN-M100-20022 Module
Human Rights Law LW-M100-30014 Module
Information Systems BN-G500-M0135 Module
Information Systems BN-G500-10057 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BN-N500-20003 Module
Integrated Marketing Communications BN-N500-M0016 Module
Intellectual Property Law BN-M100-20029 Module
Intellectual Property Law LW-M100-M0004 Module
Intellectual Property Law BN-N100-30012 Module
Intellectual Property Law SBS LW-N100-30012 Module
Intellectual Property Law UG LW-M100-30004 Module
International and Business Finance BN-N300-30013 Module
International Business Law BN-M100-M0019 Module
International Conference Tourism BN-N100-30046 Module
International Corporate Law & Governance BN-M100-M0020 Module
International Financial Reporting BN-N100-30062 Module
International Law BN-M100-20031 Module
International Marketing BN-N550-30001 Module
International Monetary Economics BN-L130-30000 Module
International Regulatory & Economic Environment BN-N400-20057 Module
International Tourism Developments; Leadership and Innovation BN-N830-30000 Module
Intnl Hum Resce Mngmnt BN-N600-30015 Module
Introduction to human resources and marketing BN-N200-10050 Module
Islamic Financial Markets, Instruments & Products BN-N300-M0018 Module
Land Law LW-M100-20002 Module
Land Law BN-M100-30026 Module
Law for the Leisure Environment BN-N100-30049 Module
Law In A Business Context LW-M100-20023 Module
Law of Tort BN-M100-10017 Module
Law of Tort LW-M100-20014 Module
Library Testing 2XY XY-A100-23451 Module
Macroeconomics Analysis BN-L100-20047 Module
Making difference in organisation BN-N900-M0003 Module
Managing Competitive Environment BN-N200-M0254 Module
Managing International Events BN-N820-20008 Module
Managing Organisational Resource BN-N200-M0255 Module
Managing the Competitive Environment BN-N100-M0091 Module
Marketing & Services Management BN-N500-M0065 Module
Marketing and Operations Management BN-N500-M0074 Module
Marketing International Business: Branding, Communications & Relationships BN-N500-M0066 Module
Media Law BN-M100-30025 Module
Microeconomic Analysis BN-L100-20048 Module
Microeconomics BN-L100-20035 Module
Mobile Application Development BN-G500-20059 Module
Operations & Information Management BN-N100-M0092 Module
Operations Management BN-N100-20041 Module
Operations Management BN-N200-M0138 Module
Organisational Behaviour BN-N200-20046 Module
Organisational Behaviour BN-N100-20020 Module
Organisational Behaviour BN-N600-M0024 Module
Organisational Behaviour & Change BN-N100-M0100 Module
People and Computing BN-N100-20042 Module
PG 28379 CLP LLM Dissertation LW-M200-M0008 Module
PG 30971 HR Policy and Practice BN-N600-30005 Module
PG 30974 Developing the Human Resource BN-N600-30006 Module
Principles & Practices of International Events Management BN-N800-M0023 Module
Principles of Employment Law BN-M100-30030 Module
Principles of Food Preparation BN-N800-10203 Module
Principles of Marketing BN-N100-20022 Module
Principles of Marketing BN-N500-20001 Module
Professional Development BN-N100-20043 Module
Professional Placement Year BN-G500-30062 Module
Project Management, Leadership & Skills: Planning & Control BN-N213-M0001 Module
Project Risk & Procurement Management BN-N213-M0002 Module
Public Law LW-M100-10002 Module
Public Law BN-M100-20030 Module
Reflections on professional practice BN-G500-M0115 Module
Research Dissertation BN-N200-M0156 Module
Resourcing and Talent Management (CIPD) BN-N600-M0056 Module
Resourcing, Learning & Talent Management BN-N600-M0053 Module
Risk Regulation And Safety In Events Management BN-N800-30032 Module
Risk, Regulation & Compliance BN-N400-M0035 Module
Rural Tourism Innovative Products and Marketing BN-N800-30031 Module
SBS eLearning BN-SBSE-LEARN Module
Search & Social Media Marketing BN-N500-M0067 Module
Service Sector Entrepreneurship BN-N100-30067 Module
Social Business BN-N500-M0072 Module
Social Welfare Law BN-M100-20038 Module
Sport Psychology BN-N100-20045 Module
Sports Leadership BN-N100-20046 Module
Strategic International Business Management BN-N200-M0259 Module
Strategic International Business Management BN-N200-M0253 Module
Strategic leadership BN-N200-M0265 Module
Strategic Management BN-N211-30002 Module
Strategic Marketing, Planning and Control BN-N500-30019 Module
Systems Development BN-G500-M0127 Module
Test for BB BN-AAAA-BBBBB-16 Module
Test List for DEALR UAT BN-Z123-12345 Module
Test module A BN-A000-00001 Module
The Practice of Company & Partnership Law (BSc) BN-M100-20037 Module
The Practice of Company & Partnership Law (Law) BN-M100-20034 Module
UG1 34096 Principles of Accounting [AF] BN-N400-10015 Module
UG1 34097 Principles of Accounting BN-N400-10054 Module
UG1 Business Statistics BN-N100-10035 Module
UG1 Organisations in a Global Environment BN-N100-10036 Module
UG1 Principles of Economics BN-L100-10033 Module
UG1 Principles of Human Resource Management BN-N600-10009 Module
UG1 Principles of Marketing BN-N500-10001 Module
UG1 Principles of Systems Development BN-G500-10056 Module
UG1/Sem2 Sports Development CRN34092 BN-N100-10034 Module
UG2 28798 Financial Accounting BN-N400-20014 Module
UG2 30465 Destination Management BN-N800-20238 Module
UG2 30466 Sport Psychology BN-N800-20239 Module
UG2 30477 Financial and Management Info Systems BN-N400-20053 Module
UG2 35554 Project Management BN-N213-20002 Module
UG3 15165 (20) Dissertation BN-N100-30020 Module
UG3 15445 Business Finance BN-N400-30005 Module
UG3 22141/29434 Financial Economics BN-L100-30046 Module
UG3 22201 Strategy and Risk BN-L100-30048 Module
UG3 26103/31550 Employee Development BN-N100-30029 Module
UG3 26104/31556 Human Resource Management BN-N200-30037 Module
UG3 26107 Management Simulation BN-N200-30040 Module
UG3 26109/31551 Employee Relations BN-N100-30031 Module
UG3 26112 Corporate Strategy BN-N100-30002 Module
UG3 26269 Mgmt Accounting for Control BN-N400-30003 Module
UG3 26270 Adv Financial Acct and Acct Theory BN-N400-30008 Module
UG3 26385 eCommerce (F/T) BN-G500-30066 Module
UG3 29435 Domestic and International Money BN-L100-30004 Module
UG3 29441 International Finance BN-N400-30009 Module
UG3 30968 Managing the Human Resource BN-N600-30004 Module
UG3 30977 The Legal Context of Human Resource Management BN-N600-30007 Module
UG3 31528 Leisure Public Policy, Planning and Design BN-N800-30011 Module
UG3 31547 Business Ethics BN-N100-30023 Module
UG3 31548 Business InfoTechnology BN-N400-30011 Module
UG3 31553 Consumer Behaviour And Market Research BN-N500-30005 Module
UG3 31555 Financial Reporting BN-N400-30018 Module
UG3 31558 Integrated Marketing Comms BN-N500-30006 Module
UG3 31572 International Human Resource Management BN-N100-30014 Module
UG3 31574 Mgmt Accounting Techniques BN-N400-30016 Module
UG3 31575 Operations Management II BN-N400-30013 Module
UG3 31576 Services and Relationship Marketing BN-N500-30007 Module
UG3 31577 Dissertation With Advanced Research Methods BN-G500-30078 Module
UG3 31579 Audit Framework BN-N400-30015 Module
UG3 31581 Business Taxation BN-N400-30007 Module
UG3 31585 Service Systems Management BN-N800-30014 Module
UG3 31587 International Business BN-N100-30013 Module
UG3 31590 Contemporary Issues in Sport BN-N800-30024 Module
UG3 31594 Strategic Tourism Marketing BN-N800-30033 Module
UG3 31595 Tourism Planning and Dev BN-N800-30017 Module
UG3 31596 Advanced Web Design BN-G600-30001 Module
UG3 31609 Information Security BN-G500-30077 Module
UG3 31623 International Hospitality Management BN-N100-30040 Module
UG3 32244/32245 Developing Organisational Capacity BN-N100-30043 Module
UG3 32246/32247 Operational Sustainability BN-N100-30044 Module
UG3 32248/32249 International Business and Management BN-N100-30045 Module
UG3 33166 (40) Dissertation BN-N100-30048 Module
UG3 The Professional Accountant BN-N100-30047 Module
Work-Related Learning BN-N100-20028 Module

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