1. Ethics on the Ark - Bryan G. Norton 2012 (electronic resource)

    Book  Useful background

  2. Zoos and tourism: conservation, education, entertainment? - Warwick Frost ©2011 (electronic resource)

    Book  Useful background reading.

  3. Environmental enrichment for captive animals - Rob J. Young 2002

    Book  Useful background reading.

  4. Zoo animals: behaviour, management and welfare - Geoffrey R. Hosey, Vicky Melfi, Sheila Pankhurst 2013

    Book Core

  5. Zoos in the 21st century: catalysts for conservation? - Alexandra Zimmermann 2007

    Book  Useful background reading.

  6. Zoo conservation biology - John E. Fa, Stephan M. Funk, Donnamarie O'Connell 2011

    Book  Useful background reading.

  7. The Zoo Licensing Act 1981 (electronic resource)

    Website  Background reading.

  8. The Zoo: the wild and wonderful tale of the founding of London Zoo - Isobel Charman 2016

    Book  A interesting history of London Zoo.

  9. Second nature: environmental enrichment for captive animals - David Shepherdson, Jill D. Mellen, Michael Hutchins, Conference on Environmental Enrichment c1998

    Book  Background reading.

  10. Menageries in Britain, 1100-2000 - Christine E. Jackson, Ray Society 2014

    Book  Interesting history of where zoos came from.

  11. A different nature: the paradoxical world of zoos and their uncertain future - David Hancocks c2001

    Book  A different view on zoos from a zoo architect.

  12. Zooland: the institution of captivity - Irus Braverman 2013], ©2013

    Book  A lawyer's view of zoos.

  13. Zoo: a history of zoological gardens in the West - Éric Baratay, Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier, Oliver Welsh 2004

    Book  Interesting from a historical point-of-view.

  14. Savages and beasts: the birth of the modern zoo - Nigel Rothfels 2002

    Book  Another book on the history of zoos.

  15. Animal attractions: nature on display in American zoos - Elizabeth Hanson c2002

    Book  The social evolution of zoos is covered.

  16. Last Animals at the Zoo: How Mass Extinction can Be Stopped - Colin Tudge 1993

    Book  Interesting if now somewhat dated.