1. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine - Gail Honeyman 2017

    Book Core This will be used throughout the module, teaching, learning and assessment

  2. Understanding and using theory in social work - Juliette Oko 2011

    Book Core Please read chapter one and two. The 2008 E book is available as online in the library and course reading list

  3. Social work: a very short introduction - Sally Holland, Jonathan Scourfield 2015

    Book  This is a great introduction that should be used to guide you to deeper reading. The approach views social work as messy complicated and uncertain. These things should inform your view of learning.

  4. State Social Work: Constructing the Present from Moments in the Past - J. Harris 15/04/2008

    Article  Read for lecture 2 or the Horner Chapter on Comfort of Strangers

  5. Chapter 2: The beginnings of social work: 'the comfort of strangers'.

    Document  Scanned item for students currently on this module. This provides a good introduction to social work history and can be complemented by journal articles you will be signposted to.

  6. What is Social Work? : Contexts and Perspectives 5th edition - Nigel Horner 2018

    Book Core There is a new edition of this book coming out in November 2018. If you are thinking of purchasing this I suggest you wait, as this will be fully updated. It will come in useful and provides good building blocks.

  7. Studying for your social work degree: critical study skills - Jane Bottomley, Steven Pryjmachuk, Pat Cartney 2018

    Book  You may find this useful as a reference guide to dip in and out of.

  8. The critically reflective practitioner - Sue Thompson, Neil Thompson 2018

    Book  This provides a solid introduction to reflection

  9. Social Work Skills And Knowledge: a practice handbook - Pamela Trevithick, Pamela Trevithick 2011

    Book  A great reference that will be useful throughout practice

  10. Protecting children: a social model - Brid Featherstone 2018

    Book Core This should be read in conjunction with Reimagining Child Protection and associated journal articles