1. Weekly Required Readings 10 items
    1. Alternative media - Chris Atton c2002

      Book Core Please read pp. 7 - 31

    2. Week 4- The Meme Warrior - Kalle Lasn 2000

      Document Core Scanned item for students currently on this module

    3. Week 6- Alternative and Activist New Media (pp. 98-119) - Leah Lievrouw 2011

      Chapter Core Please read pp. 98-119.

    4. Week 7- Going Underground - Roger Sabin 1996

      Document Core Scanned item for students currently on this module

    5. Week 10 - Culture Jamming: Ads Under Attack - Naomi Klein 2010

      Document Core Scanned item for students currently on this module

    6. Week 11- Girls make media (pp. 291-306) - Mary Celeste Kearney 2005

      Chapter Core Please read pp.291-306

  2. Further Reading 64 items
    1. Adbusters television advertisements collection

      Audio document  'A collection of TV advertisements promoting anti-globalization and compassionate consumerism'

    2. Zine yearbook - Jen Angel, Jason Kucsma 2003


    3. A trumpet to arms: alternative media in America - David Armstrong c1981


    4. Free press: underground & alternative publications 1965-1975 - Jean-François Bizot 2006


    5. The San Francisco Oracle - MR Allen Cohen 2011

      Book  About the SF 1960s underground magazine: 'Includes all twelve original issues of the Oracle from Sept. 1966-Feb. 1968. Includes also historical commentary found in the print facsimile edition edition published in 1991.

    6. Watching the watchdog: bloggers as the fifth estate - Stephen D Cooper c2006

      Book  Introduction -- Bloggers as media critics -- Accuracy -- Fact-checking descriptions -- Fidelity of quotations -- Authenticity of documents -- Interpretations of statistics or scientific studies -- Trustworthiness of memes -- Framing -- Disputing the frame -- Reframing a set of facts -- Contextualizing -- Agenda-setting and gatekeeping -- Questioning the news judgment -- Setting an alternative agenda -- Journalistic practices -- Newsgathering -- Writing and editing -- Error correction -- The economics of blogs -- Technological facilitation -- Cost/benefit ratio -- The value chain -- The media marketplace as an ecosystem : symbiosis -- Blogs as alternative media -- Reporting -- Essays -- The blogosphere and the public sphere -- The ideal speech situation -- The spiral of silence -- The quantity question -- The quality question -- Competence -- Cocooning -- Bias -- Quantity and quality, both

    7. Contesting Media Power - Nick Couldry, Nick Couldry, James Curran 2003


    8. The alternative media handbook - Kate Coyer, Tony Dowmunt, Alan Fountain 2007


    9. Imprinting the sticks: the alternative press beyond London - Bob Dickinson 1997


    10. The power of comics: history, form and culture (pp.39-80) - Randy Duncan, Matthew J. Smith, Paul Levitz


    11. Notes from underground: zines and the politics of alternative culture - Stephen Duncombe 1997


    12. Summer of love: psychedelic art, social crisis and counterculture in the 1960s - Christoph Grunenberg, Jonathan Harris, Tate Gallery Liverpool 2005


    13. Zines - Katie Haegele


    14. The video activist handbook - Thomas Harding 2001


    15. The football imagination: the rise of football fanzine culture - Richard Haynes 1995


    16. Rebel radio: the full story of British pirate radio - John Hind, Stephen Mosco 1985


    17. Author David Huxley discussing UK underground comix

      Audio-visual document  Talking about his book Nasty Tales

    18. Voices in the purple haze: underground radio and the sixties - Michael C. Keith 1997


    19. Kill Your Pet Puppy

      Webpage  British punk rock fanzine 1979-83

    20. No logo: no space, no choice, no jobs - Naomi Klein 2010


    21. Culture jam: the uncooling of America - Kalle Lasn 2000


    22. The paper revolutionaries: the rise of the underground press - Laurence Eugene Leamer


    23. Alternative and activist new media - Leah A. Lievrouw 2011

      Book  Te best new book about alternative media in a digital era.

    24. DiY culture: party & protest in nineties Britain - George McKay 1998


    25. Community arts and music, community media: cultural politics and policy in Britain since the 1960s - George McKay

      Chapter  This chapter considers ways in which a community has been understood and constructed in arts and media movements concerned with a progressive social change agenda in Britain since the counterculture of the 1960s and early 1970s. This will help us to understand what the meanings of the term community are in today's cultural economy.... My view will be taken from those working in the fields of community arts, music, media over the decades, that is, from the ways in which workers and participants in these movements, primarily in Britain, have themselves understood and employed, and possibly strategically redefined, the term.

    26. The social and (counter)cultural 1960s in the USA, transatlantically - George McKay

      Chapter  chapter overview of US counterculture of 1960s, inc. alternative media, rock music, festivals, transatlantic influences

    27. Ofcom UK community radio annual report, 2011 - Ofcom

      Webpage  'Community radio stations are not-for-profit radio services designed to operate on a small scale and to deliver community benefits, known as 'social gain'. The legislation enabling community radio services to be licensed was introduced in 2004 and amended in January 2010. The first community radio station launched in November 2005. This is Ofcom's fourth annual report on the community radio sector.'

    28. Panel discussion: 100 fanzines: 10 years of British punk 1976-85

      Audio-visual document  2011 panel at MOMA Exhibition; 50+ minutes of discussion

    29. Comics, comix & graphic novels - Roger Sabin 2001


    30. Spare rib: the new women's magazine

      Journal  Original copies of 1970s on women's movement UK magazine

    31. Models and Menstruation:Spare Rib Magazine, Feminism, Femininity and Pleasure - Selina Todd

      Webpage  Account of establishment of Spare Rib in context of British women's liberation movement in the early 1970s